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Eighteen months ago, Tom Brady made a confession: he had never tried a strawberry. Like, ever. “I’ve never eaten a strawberry in my life,” he told current York. “I possess no desire to enact that.”

The athlete, who would later publish a book approximately his holistic lifestyle, never explained his aversion to the berry. So, when he appeared on CBS’ The Late demonstrate Monday night, Stephen Colbert wanted to challenge the current England Patriots player to expand his palate and try one.

Brady, who subscribes to his own TB12 Method, was initially doubtful—but Colbert wasn’t approximately to let him net out of taking a bite. “My producer tells me that you said to him, ‘I disfavor strawberries.’ You disfavor strawberries. But you also told current York magazine final year, ‘I possess never eaten a strawberry in my life.’ Which is it, Tom?” he asked. “enact you disfavor strawberries?”

Brady maintained he has “never” eaten a strawberry, clarifying that he hates the way they “smell.” After some more coaxing, Brady took a bite and decided it was “not that inferior” after whole.

“I did it,” he said, making a sour face. “Mom, are you proud of me? After whole these years…”

Brady admitted he “had the worst diet” in his youth, and he “rarely” drinks beer now that he’s adopted a healthier lifestyle. To his surprise, Colbert had two pints at the ready. “I was a pretty superior beer chugger back in the day,” the quarterback said. “Are we competing or are we just…?”

“I don’t know whether you’re a competitive guy,” Colbert joked in response.

To find out who won the beer chugging competition, watch the video now.

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