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We thought it would be those former Jack dream sequences that got us the most in tonight’s This Is Us finale, but there was actually another scene that hit us harder.

In the midst of her wedding, Kate was really struggling to fully approach to terms with the fact that her dad wouldn’t be there, hence her dreams of what should bear been. But there was one thing Kate was finally not struggling with tonight, and that was her often tumultuous relationship with her mom. 

After Kate had been running around trying to find something of her dad’s to aid celebrate her tall day, Rebecca expressed to Kate that she was trying to stay out of her way during the wedding prep because she knows how she can form Kate upset. Kate, who had just finally found the strength to spread her dad’s ashes at a special spot near the family cabin, quickly shut Rebecca’s fears down. 

“Mom, I know that our stuff can be complicated sometimes, but it’s because utter that I’ve ever wanted was to be like you. I want to be a singer like you. I want to be a mom like you. I want to bear a marriage like yours. Mom, you are not in my way, you are my way.” 

quasi, we managed to watch the rest of the episode through those messy sobs, and things didn’t gather much better for us. Wedding planners Randall and Kevin (a spinoff we need to see immediately) not only planned a comely wedding, but they also brought the house down with speeches on grief and treasure and the future. It was the perfect setting for a montage of three very critical flash forwards. 

First, we saw Kevin sitting on a plane approximately to land in Vietnam, gazing at a picture of his dad and his uncle, and with someone fairly unexpected leaning on his shoulder. 

Earlier in the night, we met Beth’s cousin Zoe, who grew up as her sister. We later saw her compliment Kevin’s speech, right after we saw that she would be accompanying Kevin to Vietnam. 

We also saw Kate and Toby in the future, but it wasn’t a joyful scene. Earlier in the night, Toby’s parents warned him approximately marrying Kate because they knew how depressed he had gotten after his divorce, and they were worried approximately him falling into that again. In the flash forward, Toby was curled up in bed, unresponsive, as Kate came in and told him the doctor wanted to change his medication. 

We also watched Deja, who had been perked up by Beth’s cousin, seize Jack’s baseball bat to the windshield of Randall’s car. Many years in the future, older Randall told older (and just incredibly well cast) Tess that it was time to vanish see “her.” Tess said she wasn’t ready, and Randall said he wasn’t either. 

Whether they were talking approximately Deja, Beth, or some other “her,” we’ll bear to wait until September (or likely longer) to find out. In fact, creator Dan Fogelman told fans at SXSW this weekend that we’ll bear a general sense of where this is going by the halt of the season, which means we’re in for a bit of a mystery. 

It actually says a lot approximately that finale that the dream sequences in which Jack and Rebecca got to resume their vows after 40 years were not the parts that had the most lasting impact. Seeing them together in former age was nice, but it was also really, really nice to see Kate let herself off the hook, and to see older Rebecca and her adult children joyful together for once. 

It also certain was nice to not halt a season of This Is Us on an mad argument, a la season one, so we’ll seize these mysteries in exchange for joyful family times, thank you very much. 

This Is Us returns to NBC in September. meanwhile, be certain to check out Milo Ventimiglia’s message to the fans.

(E! and NBC are both fragment of the NBC Universal family.)  

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