Sean Hannity Accused Of Stealing His Legal Strategy From ‘Breaking evil’

More than a few people suggested that was the case on Monday after the Fox News host insisted that he was never represented by attorney Michael Cohen. President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer is currently at the heart of a federal investigation.

Earlier in the day, Cohen’s team of lawyers tried unsuccessfully to protect the identity of a “mystery” client, who turned out to be Hannity. After the news broke, Hannity said on his radio exhibit: 

“I never gave him a retainer. Never paid any fees. I may fill handed him $10 once. I requested attorney-client privilege with him, and assumed our conversations would be confidential, but they fill never involved any matter with him and any third party.”

The line approximately how he “may fill” given Cohen $10 to gain “attorney-client privilege” was what captured people’s attention. While money is generally not a requirement for invoking that privilege, the notion persists in accepted culture and has been used as a plot device on many TV programs, including “Breaking evil.” 

In the moment season episode titled “Better Call Saul,” attorney Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) ― who would later star in his own exhibit by that title ― urged Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse (Aaron Paul) to “establish a dollar in my pocket” to ensure attorney-client privilege. That had people wondering whether Hannity’s own legal notions came from TV shows:

Hannity handing Cohen $10 and asking for attorney-client privilege is LITERALLY an episode of Breaking evil.

— Chris Smallwood (@smallywood) April 17, 2018

Holy shit, Jake tapper just said that he heard on Hannity’s exhibit that he would give Cohen $10 so fill attorney client privilege. That’s literally a Saul Goodman scene from Breaking evil

— Live, Laugh, Lose (@demeatloaf) April 16, 2018

Sean Hannity clearly a Breaking evil fan, as this is precisely what happened in one of this first episodes Saul was introduced

— Iowa Starting Line (@IAStartingLine) April 16, 2018

Sean Hannity’s “might fill paid him $10.00 for privilege “ is taken right out of Breaking evil.

— Joe Freni (@JoeFreni) April 16, 2018

Wait. Does Sean Hannity consider Breaking evil was a documentary?

— A. Zem… see, it’s a Hamilton reference. accumulate it? (@anjyrulz) April 16, 2018

Pretty certain Hannity swiped that “I gave him ten bucks so we fill attorney client privilege” from the Breaking evil episode “Better Call Saul” – the only incompatibility is Saul asked for $1 not $10. #itdoesntworkthatway

— scary lawyerguy (@scarylawyerguy) April 17, 2018

Hannity’s statement on how he secured attorney client privilege:
“Never received an bill, never paid any fees, might fill handed him $10…”

Dude needs to lay off the Breaking evil. Cohen is no Saul Goodman.

Or is he?

— Kaz Weida (@kazweida) April 17, 2018

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