Kim Kardashian and Her Grandma MJ Bond Over Both Having Two-Month Marriages: "History Repeats Itself!" – eonline

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Kim Kardashian and her grandmother MJ Houghton contain a lot in common when it comes to their worship lives!

In a recent video posted to her app, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star reveals MJ once had a relationship much like her very quick marriage to ex Kris Humphries.

“We contain a lot in common. We both got married for two months once,” Kim says in the clip.

“We contain so much in common. History repeats itself,” MJ says. “I can’t believe it because I was married for two months at 18. Right out of high school I was given an engagement ring, a guy I had been going with for four years. And then I just thought, ‘You know what? This isn’t really that much fun,’ so I got out of it. Once you got married you realized it. ‘What did I achieve?’ And you try to stay in there for a month or so and really try tough and you just cant. You deem, ‘I shouldn’t waste his time.'”

“Yes! I bag it grandma,” Kim says. “I feel you.” 

Kim is no stranger to stripping down bare. But what does MJ deem of her granddaughter’s R-rated modeling and social media pics?

“achieve you deem that we are like too sexy?” Kanye West‘s other half asks Kris Jenner‘s mother. “Does that build you uncomfortable when I achieve photo shoots with my clothes off? What achieve you deem of that? Like I’m dying to know.”

“Well, I deem you like to be nude, every single you guys,” MJ admits. “And half the people on the Internet. I deem it’s a thing now that people want to note their bodies.”

“whether you’ve got it, flaunt it,” Kim smiles.

“I guess so,” MJ says, adding, “I don’t got it so I don’t flaunt it.” LOL!

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