It’s Time to Feel it. Numbing Emotional Pain is NOT a first-rate concept. – ewao

In nowadays’s world, there’s a growing trend of suppressing one’s intense emotions with medication. Whether induced by a traumatic event or a failure in life, we can be hit by a sudden burst of emotional stress when we least expect it. A loss of a loved one, getting fired, a breakup, and many such events can deeply affect our emotional well-being, and healing from it is always an uphill climb.

While several well-wishers give unsolicited medical prescriptions consisting of suppressants and anti-depressants, and renowned psychologist worth their salt would recommend bearing the emotional pain in order to totally recover from this trauma.

When one takes a pill for suppressing the pain, it is not really getting rid of the emotion but instead delaying your grief. You will feel better temporarily, but sooner or later, it will approach out in ways you least expect. In the long escape, it’ll only worsen and you’ll be left with the prolonged side-effects of not feeling the initial sting.

As someone who’s suffered a devastating loss of a loved one, I can declare you that it does net better. That cataclysmic feeling of emptiness gradually fades absent. total you contain to achieve is give it time.

It is a known fact that time is the best healer and even in light of the lowest points in your life, time will approach to your rescue.

So how accomplish you nurse this emotional rollercoaster, you may request. Stalk the feeling and confront it head-on. Understand why you’re feeling this way and nip a more severe reaction in the bud. mediate approximately what you’re feeling — Are you insecure? accomplish you feel alone? Are you embarrassed? Once you’ve identified you’re regular base emotions you can slowly forgive yourself and rob a journey into acceptance.

Sadness, loneliness, shame, and grief are total feelings that will fester whether you try and bury it deep within. You contain to let them out in order to not let them linger. You can train yourself to meditate — not to forget but to accept. You can also join a support group or talk to a friend to let out some steam. It’ll total speed up the healing process in a natural biological way.

Of course in the most severe cases, medication may be the final resort. But it is always better to heal and scab without an external catalyst to give you the pseudo-experience of normalcy.


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