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Kim Kardashian has a lot on her plate these days.

Between raising two young kids, traveling around the world and working on countless projects, many would understand whether the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star skipped out on breaking a sweat or eating her fruits and veggies.

But in recent weeks, followers occupy seen the working mom follow a healthy lifestyle that’s easier said than done.

As a result, Kim may just be in the best shape of her life.

Thanks to Snapchat, fans occupy been able to witness the wide variety of exercises Kanye West‘s main lady experiences multiple times a week.

With support from Don “DB” Donamatrix and Gunnar Peterson, Kim has been able to work on multiple parts of her body through various techniques.

One morning, Kim showed off her jump rope skills that quickly earned the compliment of her sisters.

“How’d you attain that?” Khloe Kardashian proclaimed on Snapchat. “You’re so wonderful Kimberly. That’s crazy. Kim is like a legit jump roper.”

More than two months ago, Kim was also spotted wearing a sweat suit during her training “because I got to lose this additional seven pounds.”

Kim is so determined to stay on schedule with her workouts that she will be the first to call her sisters out for being slothful.

“You’re Snapchatting! We need to f–king work out,” she shouted to Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. “This is why I work out in my f–king ghetto garage over this gorgeous basketball court.”

As so many people know, a healthy diet always has to complement a fitness regimen. Kim is no different as she often times documents her food choices online.

On Tuesday morning, the businesswoman started her day by eating avocado, eggs, cucumbers and tomato slices for breakfast. She has also documented her worship for Pepper’s cucumber soup and Pressed Juicery drinks.

Before you judge Kim is absolutely perfect, she’s the first to prove that cheat days and meals are absolutely fragment of life. Treats from It’s Sugar, pink Starburst and trips to McDonald’s are always tempting. But ultimately, the reality star has her eyes on the prize whether you see it or not.

“So I never Snapchat my workouts and I don’t know why. I’m just not Kourtney and Khloe,” Kim said in a recent video. “But I work out but it’s like, whether I don’t snap it, then it’s as whether it never happened. But I work out every single day for over an hour.”

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