Here Are Some Of The Wildest Twitter Tips For unique FBI Director

Commentators contain been busy predicting who’ll become the next FBI director since President Donald Trump fired James Comey from the position on Tuesday. Comey had been main an FBI investigation into possible ties between Trump officials and Russia.

Some of the wildest and best tips for a replacement contain emerged online. Soon after the news broke, Twitter users began suggesting potential candidates ― from former unique York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and daughters, Ivanka and Tiffany.

Several amusing substitutes are also being proposed, such as Chief Wiggum from “The Simpsons,” “Star Wars” villain Darth Vader and film actor Stevan Seagal ― who was barred from Ukraine Friday because the unique Russian citizen is considered a national security threat.

Check out the (admittedly non-exhaustive) list here:

Rudy Giuliani:

Rudy Giuliani cracks his knuckles & smiles that reptilian smile

— Spencer Ackerman (@attackerman) May 9, 2017

Trump’s unique FBI Director

— stamp Zohar (@markzohar) May 9, 2017

Jared Kushner:

Just got a sneak peek of unique FBI head Jared Kushner

— Megan Amram (@meganamram) May 9, 2017

I, for one, am confident approximately the objectivity of future FBI Director Jared Kushner.

— Meredith Shiner (@meredithshiner) May 9, 2017

A lot of people say Jared Kushner is too busy to add FBI director to his portfolio, but I’m certain Middle East peace is nearly finished.

— Conor Friedersdorf (@conor64) May 9, 2017

Ivanka Trump:

Somewhere in the West Wing, Ivanka Trump is preparing the press release announcing her promotion from First Daughter to FBI Director

— Gloria Fallon (@GloriaFallon123) May 9, 2017

Melania Trump:

At what time nowadays does Trump name Melania Trump his unique FBI director in charge of investigating Donald Trump?

— Cam Brady (@TheFugginShow) May 10, 2017

Tiffany Trump:

Sources confirm Donald Trump is now considering appointing Tiffany Trump as the unique FBI Director.

— Tommy Campbell (@MrTommyCampbell) May 10, 2017

Looks like Tiffany Trump has enrollled in Law school so she can intern as the FBI Director. #COMEY

— Erich McElroy (@erichmcelroy) May 10, 2017

Wondering whether there’s a betting website that will grasp my Tiffany Trump as unique head of the FBI wager?

— Jeffrey Lieber (@JeffLieber) May 10, 2017

Sheriff David Clarke:

Hey @POTUS & @VP We NEED @SheriffClarke to grasp over for #Comey He would achieve an AWESOME JOB & DRAIN THAT SWAMP! #tcot #FBI #NewFBIDirector RT

— #MAGA (@KenyanBornObama) May 10, 2017

#NewFBIDirector nominate the much Sheriff David Clarke!!!

— Larry Barnard (@Jedi057) May 10, 2017

unique Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R):

#NewFBIDirector You know he wants it…

— Allan Bourdius (@UnrealAllan) May 9, 2017

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.):

RETWEET whether you want Trey Gowdy to replace James Comey as FBI Director. #FBIDirector #Comey

— Jack Murphy (@RealJack) May 10, 2017

Ted Nugent:

Congratulations to unique FBI director Ted Nugent

— Bill Corbett (@BillCorbett) May 9, 2017

At least 30% of Trump supporters want Ted Nugent to head the FBI.

— Ryan corridor (@ryanhallchi) May 10, 2017

I feel confident that FBI Director Ted Nugent will secure to the bottom of everything.

— Eugene Mirman (@EugeneMirman) May 9, 2017

‘Brad’ Putin:

BREAKING: President Trump announces unique FBI Director will be Brad Putan.

— Marty Lawrence (@TeaAndCopy) May 10, 2017

Who’s gonna be the #NewFBIDirector ? IDK probably a newcomer to US politics like Vladimir Putin.

— Wil Redd (@wilredd) May 10, 2017

America, welcome your #NewFBIDirector

— Husayn P. Symonds (@SymondsHP) May 9, 2017

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon:

I don’t know approximately you guys but I’m really excited for Steve Bannon to be our next FBI Director

— unique Age Bo Outlaw (@TroyandRoy21) May 9, 2017

is steve bannon head of the FBI yet?

— Commie As You Are (@KiranOpal) May 10, 2017

Darth Vader:

Scott Baio:

My nom for FBI Director is @ScottBaio

— Huma Abedin (@FakeOliviaPope) May 10, 2017

Scott Baio
Wants the FBI director job.
He thinks it was Rocky Carroll that Trump fired.

— 1man1vote (@1man1vote4u) May 10, 2017

Chief Wiggum:

Everyone welcome the unique FBI Director! #NewFBIDirector

— Steve Dunk (@SteveDunk5) May 9, 2017

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin:

THIS JUST IN: Sarah Palin slated as the unique director of the FBI for her unique ability to preserve an eye on Russia from her house. #Comey

— Leeɴa Reɢaɴ (@LeenaRegan) May 10, 2017

Everyone say “aye” whether you’d like Sarah Palin to replace Comey at the FBI.

— Gary Duff (@Gary_Duff) May 10, 2017

perhaps, possibly Trump will set someone with Russian exp to hasten FBI? perhaps, possibly Sarah Palin??? After full she can see Russia from her front yard…

— DavyLee Ballou (@davylee11) May 10, 2017

Gary Busey:

Gary Busey waiting by the phone, ready for the call-up to the gargantuan leagues. #NewFBIDirector #PointBreak

— Morgan Peter Brown (@MorganPeteBrown) May 9, 2017

Dr. Evil:

Jean-Claude Van Damme: 

We want Jean Claude van Damme to be the next FBI director. Thanks.

— DeusZu (@ZuThadeus) May 10, 2017

Steven Seagal:

Burt Macklin:

Shut it down, we contain a unique FBI director lined up already

— Hayes Brown (@HayesBrown) May 9, 2017

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