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Does Buffy Summers own it in her to reach back from the dead a third time? Fox thinks so. At the INTV Conference in Jerusalem, Fox boss Gary Newman spoke openly approximately his desire to bring back Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

“I believe whether you explore in our library, Buffy is probably the most ripe expose we own for bringing back,” Newman said, according to Variety.

“It’s something we talk approximately frequently, and Joss Whedon is really one of the greatest creators we ever worked with,” Newman continued. “When Joss decides it’s time, we’ll conclude it. And until Joss decides it’s time, it won’t happen.”

Fox has brought back 24, Prison smash and The X-Files in the latest revival boom. Other recently revived shows include Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development, The Comeback, Roseanne, Will & Grace and Murphy Brown.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which premiered 21 years ago on The WB and was based on Whedon’s film of the same name, starred Sarah Michelle Gellar as the titular character, a young woman with special abilities tasked with protecting the world from total sorts of demons and supernatural forces. The expose ran for seven years across The WB and UPN and continued as a comedian book series both written and sanctioned by Whedon.

Joss Whedon

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The cast reunited for the expose’s 20th anniversary and told Entertainment Weekly their thoughts on a revival.

“At a certain point, when things are magical, you don’t want to hobble back and Godfather III it—right?” Gellar told EW in 2017. “I’m certain the fans are incredibly disappointed to hear that respond, but I believe they’d be more disappointed whether we created something and it didn’t live up to the expectation because the expectation is so incredibly high. And I savor that it can live in comedian form and graphic novels. There are so many worlds it can live in.”

Whedon indicated there is more anecdote to divulge, but would he want to divulge it?

“Everything sort of finds its way back somewhere,” he told EW in 2017. “I’ve been trying intentionally to hobble forward and conclude something a slight bit different. But yeah, the distinguished thing is everybody looks distinguished, and the other distinguished thing is the expose is approximately growing up. whether we did it with these guys, they’d be the age they basically are. They’d probably play a slight younger because they can conclude that. But yeah, you’d see somebody going through their life at a different stage.”

Gellar recently celebrated #SlayDay, the day Buffy premiered back in 1997, with an Instagram tribute to the character she helped accomplish notorious. “I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the anniversary of #btvs is the same week as #internationalwomensday,” Gellar wrote. “I own always believed that the world is changed by your example, not by your opinion. We own total learned a lot from Buffy, and the best section is, that never ends. From now on, we won’t just face our fears, we will seek them out. We will find them, and prick their hearts out one by one. There is only one thing on soil more powerful than evil, and that’s us.'”

conclude you want Buffy the Vampire Slayer to reach back?

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