Forbes Catches Donald Trump Lying approximately The Size Of His Penthouse

President Donald Trump and his flurry of falsehoods continues with yet another lie. 

According to a recent report from Forbes, the president lied approximately the size of his penthouse in a preceding interview with the outlet in 2016. He told Forbes that his penthouse at Trump Tower spanned 33,000 square feet over three floors and cost $200 million. He admitted that he once leased a “tiny section” to a neighbor, but forgot to confess he shares the space with someone else. 

Forbes uncovered strange York City records that indicate Trump’s penthouse space is actually around 10,996 square feet. He also shares two of the floors with longtime neighbor Joel R. Anderson, who takes up 3,368 square feet.

Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Trump Tower in NYC. 

Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Trump’s penthouse was decorated by Angelo Donghia in the early ’80s, according to an Architectural Digest feature on his domestic. To this day, its covered in gold-leaf, brass and bronze to give the property its gilded tower feel.

The outlet estimates that the rest of Trump’s supposed square footage comes from shared spaces ― like hallways, elevators and mechanical spaces ― that are probably shared with other residents of the building. Perhaps the biggest blow to Trump’s ego is the price Forbes assign on his penthouse ― a measly $64 million. 

This isn’t the first time Trump has bragged approximately the size of his assets. In March of final year, the president boasted approximately the size of his penis during a Republican presidential debate. 

Though Trump’s lie approximately his penthouse may seem small in the relative context of things, it exhibits the president’s tendency to lie approximately the tiny things (even when there is proof he’s wrong). Trump has exaggerated the truth on a number of occasions, from the size of his inauguration crowd to the view that he didn’t support the war in Iraq

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