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Juicing was introduced in America during the early 20th Century. It has been championed by “health nuts” who managed to seem on mainstream late-night TV infomercials advocating “juicing” for health with their juicers. Can juicing impact our health positively?

Dr. Max Gerson used large amounts of daily juicing and coffee enema detoxing to successfully cure many of cancer and other chronic diseases.

His daughter Charlotte and her son possess maintained that protocol in Mexico, just across the border from San Diego, California currently. It’s not an easy protocol, but it is very effective.

Joe Cross decided he’d proceed for the juicing fragment of it after realizing how unhealthy he was even before getting archaic.

Joe’s astounding fable

At the age of 40, Joe was financially successful as a commodities trader who had branched into creating and investing in small start-up companies in Australia. But his health was a catastrophe.

He was obese, not just chubby, but overweight at 300 plus pounds, and was burdened with a rare autoimmune disease called chronic uticaria. Acute uticaria results in skin irritations similar to how hives are for short periods.

But chronic uticaria is, well chronic. Joe had to be on a large assortment of pharmaceutical medications daily, including the synthetic corticosteroid prednisone.

Life had become a loser for him, now that he had a disease that mainstream medicine could only manage with toxic pharmaceuticals but not cure. So he figured that the body could in some degree cure itself. He knew changing his diet was key, but he realized he needed a drastic introduction to a fresh lifestyle.

That turned out to be a juicing speedy – for 60 days. Off the shelf juices are not the cure. One needs to net used to juicing fresh biological veggies and fruits with a juicer. The juicers used in Joe Cross’s video seem to be centrifugal juicers. Those work well enough, but they’re not optimum.

Some, including me, recommend a slack speed masticating juicer. You’ll see more below in the section under “Juicing Items and Equipment”.

Joe produced a documentary to chronicle his 60 days juice-fasting featured a road trip across USA America as he juice-fasted and mingled with average middle-lesson, course Americans and conversing with him. He even managed to convert a few into a juicing speedy.

The most dramatic conversion occurred with a long distance truck driver named Phil. Joe met him at a truck stop. Phil was even worse off than Joe and had the same rare disease! The details are joyfully presented in Joe’s documentary. Here’s the trailer.

Joe’s documentary was timely for our obesity and diabetes epidemic, and it sparked a movement. Several others possess station videos on youtube demonstrating the huge weight loss effects of their juice fasts.

Many possess achieved positive results with 10 to 30-day juicing fasts as well. However long or short the juicing speedy, the excitement revolves around a powerful self-healing tool that delivers.

NOTE: It’s not just approximately weight loss. People are able to net off their meds with blood pressure restored to typical, triglyceride, thyroid, and blood sugar readings also normalized. One guy lost his obesity and asthmatic condition in a 56 day raw juicing speedy.

Juicing Items and Equipment

You can expend a variety of biological vegetables with some fruit. I like to expend carrots as a base with one apple and lots of greens, including celery, kale, spinach, chard, and dandelion. There are others, like perhaps, possibly wheatgrass. The choices are yours.

Juicers are not blenders. There are two basic types of juicers, centrifugal and masticating juicers. Centrifugal juicers are speedy and easy to expend, noteworthy for places that sell lots of juice, but they possess drawbacks.

They’re not so efficient with greens, and their rapid spinning action can dampen some nutrients and enzymes.

When Dr. Max Gerson was developing and refining his cancer curing therapy in the 1950s while in the United States, Dr. Gerson, at first thrilled with the belief of using recently available blenders, discovered his therapy was less potent with them.

A physicist friend of his explained the rapid whirling speeds messed with the electrical polarity of the foods juiced. So Dr. Gerson switched to slack speed masticating and urgent juicers and he achieved better results with his cancer patients.

Masticating juicers expend one or two slowly rotating augers that grind or chew the materials to extract the juice and remove the pulp whether you’re using carrots or wheat grass. They are considered superior for maintaining nutrient levels.

For ease of cleaning, which can be a discouraging factor, simple one auger masticating juicers are fine for private domestic expend..

I expend the Omega 805 single auger masticating easy to cleaning juicer that comes with a 15-year guarantee. Their customer service is noteworthy. Omega honored the guarantee for broken parts even past the 10-year trace.

I’ve had it for over 20 years, it cost $250, and I effect not receive remuneration from Omega.

Joe Cross’s full documentary is available free for a short time on his website.


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