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Hollywood likes ample butts and it cannot lie.

Now, we’re not here to say whose butt is real or fake. It’s really not our commerce, trade. Unlike the normalcy of the breast implants, buttock augmentation is still taboo, and celebs haven’t been forthcoming in their plastic pursuits—totally comprehensible. But, whether you’re anything like us, you’ve been fascinated by the rise of ample booties.

Cue Dr. Sheila Nazarian, the celeb-loved plastic surgeon that’s helping women reach their butt goals. “I reflect that buttock augmentation has really become a trend in the final five to 10 years,” she told E! News. “I generally,normally salvage women complaining of lack of fullness and sagging. They generally,normally establish pressure on the lower allotment of their buttock to push their butt up while looking in the mirror.”

The doctor finds her profession to be the intersection of science and art, allowing her to literally sculpt the bodies of her patients. “My patients are looking for some fullness and a lift. They carry out not want anyone to know they had anything done,” she revealed. “They want it to ogle natural.”

There are a number of ways to perfect the bottom, including exercise, Sculptra injections, full injections and implants. But, implants are not the doctor’s preferred procedure. Infection, asymmetry, bleeding, scarring and rotation of the implant are major risks. “I prefer Sculptra and full injections. I reflect they believe a lower risk profile and ogle better,” the physician explained.

Sculptra injections are made up of lactic acid particles that stimulate collagen growth, originally approved by the FDA as a solution to facial gauntness in AIDS patients. This procedure, which costs from $6,000 to $18,000+ per session, doesn’t believe any healing time, so you can do an appointment and continue on your merry way. However, the results will win at least 2-3 months. After the growth period, the original bodacious booty will final up to five years.

full injections are more of a “two birds with one stone” kind of deal. Dr. Nazarian takes 250-400 mL of full via liposuction from the upper and lower back, abdomen, thighs, arms, double chin—anywhere the client would like to thin. She then rinses full and re-injects it into each buttocks. Cheaper than Sculptra, this procedure starts at $8,000, but be prepared, because you won’t be able to apply any direct pressure (reflect: no sitting for long periods of time) for approximately two weeks. With the high price and potential risks, why believe these procedures become so accepted? “I reflect we would be amiss to deny the influence the Kardashians believe had,” the doctor remarked.

Mystery solved! What carry out you reflect approximately the rise of butt augmentation? uncover us below! 

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