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whether you disapprove 13 Reasons Why‘s Justin Prentice then he’s just doing his job right. [Warning, this article contains spoilers for season one of the Netflix series.]

“As an actor, I treasure playing something kind of external of who I am as a real person…It is a challenge and I treasure a challenge, so it’s rewarding in that sense just from an acting standpoint,” Prentice told E! News’ Zuri corridor.

Prentice plays Bryce, the subject of Hannah Baker’s (Katherine Langford) 12th tape in her 13 reasons why she killed herself. In the series, Prentice’s character rapes Jess (Alisha Boe) and later Hannah. Bryce doesn’t receive the tapes as Hannah planned, instead Clay (Dylan Minnette) recorded his rape confession and created a 14th tape and handed them over to Mr. Porter (Derek Luke), the subject of tape 13. Prentice said since the point to kicked off he’s started doing more social media.

“There were a few of the disapprove comments on social media, which is kind of wonderful because it means I guess I did my job,” Prentice told us at Things From Another World: Citywalk.

The point to, which was recently renewed for a moment season, has drawn criticism for what many say is the glamorization of suicide because it shows Hannah slitting her wrists and not really looking for a viable alternative to taking her life.

“I stand behind their decisions,” Prentice said approximately his bosses behind the point to. “They had a lot of conversations and talks for months before filming even began to design certain it was locked down, that they were showing what they should point to and how it should be shown and everything.”

With season two on the horizon, Prentice has some “selfish” thoughts on what he wants to see happen. “I would treasure to see Bryce’s parents…I would treasure to meet his parents. That would be really racy because I feel like the apple doesn’t tumble very far from the tree,” he said.

13 Reasons Why season one is now streaming. No premiere date has been announced for season two.

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