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People let me show you ’bout my best friend… 

For fans of the beloved MTV series Rob & astronomical, its quintessential theme song sparks memories upon memories of Rob Dyrdek and Christopher “astronomical Black” Boykin‘s unlikely friendship. The inseparable duo captured our hearts across their three-season race in the early 2000s, and it’s only fitting we pay tribute to one half of the larger-than-life pair with a eye back at his most unforgettable moments with the pro skateboarder.

As E! News previously reported, Boykin passed absent Tuesday morning at the age of 45. Ridiculousness co-star Chanel West Coast has since honored his memory on Twitter, and astronomical Black’s longtime supporters continue to attain the same

Check out a few of our favorite Rob & astronomical memories below:

Who could forget the Death Row Records parody that started it every bit of?! Rob and astronomical’s bulldog Meaty joined them for an official portrait inspired by Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Tupac and Suge Knight, and the rest was history.

And speaking of Meaty, their family was made total when astronomical suggested an adorable pooch would complement their dynamic. The soon-to-be parents flew on a private jet to pick up Meaty in Arizona, later giving the pup a proper welcome domestic celebration total with a performance from hip-hop group Three Six Mafia.

The bulldog would cease up following in Dyrdeck’s footsteps and learn to skateboard… kind of. 

Mini Horse! Yet another adorable animal came into the fold when Rob and astronomical figured Meaty needed a companion. Enter Mini Horse, who became a staple in the note’s cast thanks to his unruly behavior. 

In a moment that spurred countless Halloween costumes in 2008, Rob and astronomical attempted to smash into the modeling world by way of a cereal box. Special Buddies for life, right?

Rob and astronomical reached peak, well, Rob and astronomical when they treated MTV Cribs to a hilarious tour of their mansion. From the epic mural painted across the backyard to Rob’s massive skate ramp, re-watching this clip will give you major feels. 

Whenever Dyrdek’s parents were roped into the crew’s antics, you know something much was approximately to happen. 

Every holiday brought a novel opportunity for bigger and better photo opps… 

And final, but certainly not least, is no one other than “Bobby Light.” Rob came up with the ridiculous persona and dubbed him a “one hit wonder, R&B sensation” who collaborated with The Chunky Boys (made up of astronomical and their buddy Bam Bam) for some not-to-be-missed music videos. 

show us your favorite Rob & astronomical memories in the comments below!

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