Award-Winning film Highlights The Differences With domestic Schooling and ‘traditional’ Schooling in Powerful Scene – ewao

From the plethora of films the film industry churns out every year, once in while there comes a film that really makes you believe and challenge your beliefs. One such film is the recent award-winning film, Captain great, brilliant.

With an indie vibe to it and a record like no other, the film poses a challenge to mainstream beliefs and ideology and really makes one start a debate in their head approximately what really is right and wrong.

The film follows a devoted father of six in his journey to challenge the system and defend his philosophies approximately education and parenting.

And this fascinating film subtly conducts a crucial debate approximately whether it is right to homeschooling one’s children.

In a short scene in the film where the father (Viggo Mortensen) is arguing with his sister-in-law, a thought-provoking debate ensues. Without giving absent any more, here is the scene.


A subtle yet nuanced recall on conformity Vs extremism, the film, without taking a clear stand gives you sumptuous food for thought.

Watch the trailer here:


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