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We live in a contemporary world where mental health is finally being taken seriously. And various mental health issues are being diagnosed and treated in ways that were totally unknown decades ago. In nowadays’s world, we hold a better understanding of the human brain and intellect and we’ve developed current ways to heal a malfunctioning intellect. Some current and improved methods include support groups, alternative medicine, psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and so on.

While improper the above are proven ways to befriend cure mental disorders, an alarming trend that is parallelly occurring is the expend of medication to supposedly cure mental illness. According to experts, 57% of people diagnosed with mental illness are solely prescribed medication without any other form of therapy. This may be a result of our society’s obsession with finding a quick-fix to any problem. But the long-term effects may be worse than you deem.

Although there are several mental disorders that are in dire need of medical treatment, and in no way should we discredit those cases, there are many other cases where the effect is given precedence over the cause. Many who experience severe depression earn relief from anti-depressant medication. However, many-a-times even an inconclusive diagnosis receives an inhibiting drug which alters their characteristics and their core being.

A lot of individuals who are innately spiritual and are naturally empathetic sometimes exhibit signs similar to that of mental illness. By providing such people with medication to suppress their depressive symptoms, one also quashes their ability to be empaths, healers, and even prophets. As of now, we are facing an epidemic of turning what could’ve been extraordinary individuals into ‘simple’ conforming individuals.

While we’ve arrive a long way when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, we need to delve more into a comprehensive and holistic approach. We need to really determine whether the symptoms truly indicate towards a mental disorder or something else altogether.

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