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We bear whole been there, that moment that we were tickled that no one was looking. That embarrassing thought that left us relieved that the people around us can’t read our thoughts.

While no one wants to confess it, every single one of us has done it! We’ve whole tripped over our own feet, checking over our shoulder to ensure that no one is watching. Every single one of us bear, at one time or another, said the wrong word in a sentence, or mispronounced a word, recognizing immediately that we said it wrong, but continued to talk in hope that no one else caught it.

We are willing to bet that you bear also experienced each of the 35 experiences on this list! Don’t worry – whether it made the list, it’s because we did it too! Next time it happens you can stand tall, knowing that you aren’t alone!

  1. Went to work, but quasi accomplished nothing whole day

laughing, work, meme, work meme

2. Tried to play it frosty after returning a wave, only to realize it wasn’t actually directed at you

meme, child, child meme, waving

3. That ‘special’ laugh that you reserve for the times when you want it to seem like you know what’s going on, but are secretly lost

meme, laugh, laugh meme

4. Debated stealing a stranger’s dog for no other reason than the fact that it is absolutely adorable

steal dog, bear, bear meme

5. Turned down the music in your vehicle in order to improve your eyesight

radio, car radio, vehicle, vehicle radio

6. Tried to disguise the foods stored absent in your pantry as high lesson, course cuisine in an attempt to seem ‘classy’ while waiting on your next paycheck

food, food meme, sushi, goldfish

7. ‘Cleaned’ your domestic by hiding the mess under, behind and inside of any space available – out of sight, out of intellect!

meme, kermit, kermit meme, black kermit

8. Panicked after dropping your phone, knowing your world would approach crashing down whether you were to damage it and bear to fade without

meme, baby, baby meme

9. Made plans knowing fully that you bear no intentions of keeping them

meme, plans, friends, friends meme

10. Speeding up while walking past someone in the store because you reflect you know them, but not enough to stop and say hello

harry potter meme, meme, ron weasley

11. Mentally give your opinion on a situation, but avoid saying it out loud for terrorism of what others might reflect approximately you

meme, mental advice, strangers, advice to strangers

12. Feared you were going to be mistaken for a shoplifter when you left a story empty handed

shopping, empty handed, shopping quote, awkward moment

13. Let that meal you spent hours preparing fade cold while attempting to gather that PERFECT picture for your social media accounts

someecards, facebook, instagram, pictures

14. Appeared shocked when someone at work pointed out your mistake, hoping they would assume you honestly weren’t aware, and not that you were just cutting corners

meme, cat meme, harmless cat, cat

15. Fell into the black gap that is online stalking, losing hours of your day

meme, instagram, instagram meme, online stalking

16. Came up with what you believe to be a logical explanation for the hundreds of pictures you bear kept, filling up your phone’s memory

meme, phone meme, pictures, photo hoarder

17. Attempted to exercise advanced mathematics to justify staying up just a few minutes later

meme, math, mathematics, sleep

18. Became a self-proclaimed health expert after making just one healthy choice

meme, healthy, healthy eating

19. Held the remote at a different angle hoping that it would extend the battery life just a petite longer

meme, remote, television remote

20. Ran as snappily as humanly possible up the stairs from the basement to avoid being eaten alive by the creatures that you are certain lurk in the black

chicken meme, meme, basement, black basement

21. Used a calculator for the most basic of math problems when  you just couldn’t collect that side of your brain to work

basic math, mathematics, calculator

22. Pretended to not notice the paper still attached to your food because you couldn’t be bothered to try to win it off

paper, packaging, food packaging

23. Attempted to bend the laws of space and time just to fit in one more episode of your favorite television exhibit

meme, television, time

24. Watched a phone call, waiting for it to fade to voicemail, so that you could collect back to using your cellphone for what you actually purchased it for – browsing the internet

meme, cellphone, cellphone meme, smartphone

25. Listened to the same song 20 times in a row, but still didn’t actually ‘hear’ it

music, song, repeat

26. Took dozens of photos attempting to capture that one perfect selfie that you could then share as whether it just ‘happened to’ gaze great, brilliant when you took it

selfie, cat, cat selfie, cat meme

27. Blinded yourself trying to stealthily check for messages in the middle of the night, forgetting that your phone was on full brightness

meme, cellphone meme, incandescent cellphone

28. Risked getting shampoo in your eyes because you were too afraid that you were being watched

meme, arthur, dj, demon

29. Began to compose your own eulogy 5 minutes into starting a strange workout

pain, cramps, foot cramps, pain joke, joke

30. initiate to question everything you bear believed to be lawful after listening to a recording of yourself speaking

meme, furby, furby meme, voice

31. Started a moment t-shirt drawer, giving yourself more space rather than getting rid of any of the shirts that you currently own and don’t wear

t-shirt, goat, goat in a t-shirt

32. Considered whether or not your boss would believe you whether you called in dead before actually getting out of the consolation of your bed in the morning

meme, dog, blanket, dog in blanket

33. Cancelled a large online order, taking the time to drive to the store and pick up the same list of items, whole to avoid a small shipping fee you didn’t want to pay

meme, shopping, shipping, shopping meme

34. You had to win the time to mentally prepare yourself to rush to Walmart for two items, aware that it was going to win you at least 30 minutes

someecards, walmart, xanax

35. Stopped just short of having a heart attack trying to rush yourself to keep absent your change from the cashier

meme, change, change from cashier

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