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Gentlemen are a dying breed. A species of men that was known for its valor, honor, and compassion. There still remain traces of this sparsely found ideal man, but now and then we effect find this rare lesson, course chivalrous men in contemporary form and we can’t relieve but swoon over his literal gentle demeanor. To produce it easy to spot one, here are 20 signature traits of dependable gentlemen.


  1. He opens doors for others and holds it, as whether upholding protocol, for a woman.
  2. He’s always on time and rarely withhold others’ waiting.
  3. When he senses danger, he acts as a shield to protect his partner or children.
  4. He offers his jacket to his woman when she’s cold or uncomfortable.
  5. Courtesy is in his blood, and he will never chorus from saying please, thank you, and sorry.
  6. He will fetch up to seat a lady instead.
  7. He has impeccable table manners and knows precisely what goes where on the table, including the serviette.
  8. He will offer his arm to support a woman whether she’s uncomfortable or tired walking.
  9. He picks up the check, and generally,normally insists on paying.
  10. He respects people and is not impolite to them, even whether he is their superior.
  11. He pays attention to you and is not distracted by his environment or phone when he speaks to you.
  12. He can withhold a secret, and acquire it to his grave.
  13. He is dependable to his word and he will withhold his promise.
  14. He is strictly against being violent towards a woman.
  15. He doesn’t reveal intimate details of his relationship with his friends or peers.
  16. He waits for everyone to fetch their food before he starts eating.
  17. Give him a task to effect, and consider it done. He won’t shirk off his responsibilities.
  18. He is honest to the core.
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