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iZombie’s Blaine DeBeers (David Anders) has been, at times, one of the best villains on TV.

In season three, however, Blaine’s villain status has been achieve on hold as he claims to possess lost his memory and appears to be starting life over as a kinder, gentler Blaine who might just win Peyton’s (Aly Michalka) heart.

It’s in a way easy to root for sweet lounge singer Blaine to be telling the truth approximately his memory loss, despite the fact that it means Major (Robert Buckley) is approximately to lose any his memories after taking the cure at the cease of final week’s episode. musty Blaine was just so evil, and unique Blaine just seems so nice, and Peyton seems so gratified.

When we final saw Blaine, Ravi (Rahul Kohli) had injected him with a memory serum that either wasn’t going to work at any or just hadn’t started working yet, or had actually worked and Blaine was lying, or didn’t need to work because Blaine had been lying the whole time. It’s a very complicated situation, which makes it pretty complicated for Anders to play.

“It’s been kind of castrating, handcuffing,” Anders tells E! News of playing the unique Blaine. “I miss that Blaine of musty, the whipsmart, the one-liners, the smarmy charm whether you will, but this unique guy is kind of like a babe lost in the woods. sparkling-eyed and bushy-tailed and doesn’t know who he was, and was told who he was and doesn’t like who he was. It’s kind of been an intriguing ride.”

whether you’ve been looking for clues on Blaine’s face as to whether or not he’s telling the truth, that won’t encourage you, because apparently, not even Anders knew.

“They didn’t even reveal to me what was going on—whether it was real or not—until a diminutive into it, so I had no notion,” “That’s something that I would possess fairly had too, so there was no way I could inform a opportunity that he was faking it, or you know what I mean, just play it as it is, just play it as an audience member.”

Even so, sometimes not even not knowing was valid enough to properly play the confusingly charming former (or possibly current) cross guy.

“I remember very early on in the season [EP Rob Thomas] texted me that and he says, ‘I feel like there’s a smile you gave that was a diminutive too musty Blaine-y,’  and I was like, dude, I was just smiling, Rob,” Anders says.  “He thought it was too nefarious or something. And he’s like, you know what, perhaps, possibly I’m just wrong. perhaps, possibly I deem every smile you finish, I deem you’re up to something cross. I was like, I could near up with a sweeter smile but my smile is always going to be my smile.”

While the world of iZombie is a very unrealistic one in which people procure turned into zombies and then eat brains to access the memories of dead people, Anders still tried to understand Blaine from a more realistic perspective.

“You try to gawk at it whether it happened to you in real life. I mean, the chemicals within an evil person are still there. There’s a wire crossed within them, and you gotta gawk at it as whether they’re still there, and perhaps, possibly whether something could trigger that then he could become that person again,” he says. “I gawk at him as he’s doing the best by everybody, he’s trying to finish the best by himself. He’s trying to be a small commerce, trade owner. Of course he’s harvesting brains to sell them to zombies, but you know, he’s trying to procure by.”

Tonight’s episode deals with the side effects of Major having taken the cure (and Liv (Rose McIver) eating the brain of a hilarious stinging mess DJ), and finds Peyton and Blaine reaching a unique level of domesticity in their blossoming relationship. That means lots of making breakfast and being adorable, but it also means we’re probably on our way to finding out whether the unique Blaine is for real or not. 

As for Anders, he’s hoping we’re on Blaine’s side. 

“It was tricky to communicate and tricky to sell,” he says. “But I hope people buy that he really is this unique guy.” 

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW. 

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