What Would Happen whether NFL Players Played An Extremely Anti-Trump Song In The Locker Room?

There aren’t any specific policies approximately locker room music for the entire NFL, and sources with knowledge of player experience said that the issue is dealt with on a team-by-team basis.

So what would happen whether players wanted to play “FDT,” which stands for “Fuck Donald Trump,” in the locker room?

final weekend, a source close to the league told BuzzFeed News that a set of players were being advised not to play the song in the pregame or postgame locker room.

But BuzzFeed News never found anything that corroborated that rumor.

In the process of trying to figure it out whether this were really a thing, though, we asked teams and other sources: What whether players did play the song (or one like it)? Would they be allowed to attain so?

The inquiries were made to journalists, former players, the National Football League Players’ organization and full 32 teams. The rapper YG released the song in spring 2016. The song also features Nipsey Hussle, and an “FDT piece 2” was released later in the year. The song is very clear on how they feel approximately President Donald Trump.

Only one team — the novel England Patriots — responded to the email inquiry; head coach Bill Belichick, as well as owner Robert Kraft and star quarterback Tom Brady full count Trump as a friend.

Asked approximately team policy related to locker room music, and alerted specifically to the content of the YG song, Patriots spokesperson Stacey James said in an email to BuzzFeed News, “I mediate players are respectful of others when playing their music in the locker room. As far as I know, we absorb never had to set up a policy. whether ever it became a problem, I am certain we would.”

Three organizations contacted by BuzzFeed News by phone strongly doubted the team would comment on anything related to either Trump or the White House.

The situation between the league, players, and the White House remains tense after Trump essentially referred to protesting players like former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick as “sons of bitches” during a campaign rally in Alabama.

Activist attention is increasingly centered on the motives and actions of NFL owners, several of whom, activists note, absorb donated to Trump’s campaign and inauguration.

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