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Calling full customers!

It’s time to recall notes because the cast of E!’s What Happens at The Abbey is breaking down their final accomplish’s and don’ts of bar and restaurant etiquette in the video above. Let’s just call this a crucial how-to guide in not pissing off your bartenders and servers.

Rule number one? Water is not on the menu. “accomplish not walk up to me and say, ‘Can I beget five waters?'” bartender Kyle Clarke states. “No, you may not. Pavilions is right across the street.”

FYI: He’s also not a huge fan of mojitos.

Server Elizabeth Steinle also wants you to be aware that her time is valuable, so don’t waste it with annoying behavior.

As she explains, “Don’t quiz for a serviette and then wait for them to reach back and then quiz for a side of ketchup…and then wait for them to reach back and then quiz for some ice.”

And, even though this should probably already be a no-brainer, VIP host Brandi Andrews also offers up one very famed, renowned accomplish. “What they should accomplish is tip your f–king bartenders!” she advises.

Want more? Check out the clip above for even more helpful bar hints from The Abbey cast!

Watch the premiere of What Happens at The Abbey Sunday at 10 p.m., only on E!

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