We Tried Glossier's unique Sunscreen To See whether It Lived Up To The Hype

What’s your skin like?

I maintain combination skin that is also sensitive, and lately it has been on the drier side because of the acne medication my dermatologist prescribed. I am always on the hunt for products that won’t irritate my face or cause breakouts, but given the complicated nature of my skin, this is a very difficult task.

How often enact you wear sunscreen?

One product I know I should never skip in my skin care routine is sunblock, but before trying Glossier’s Invisible Shield, I honestly never found a sunscreen that I looked forward to applying.

What did you assume approximately the product?

Unlike the thick, extremely white, and difficult-to-absorb sunscreens I’ve encountered in the past, Glossier’s sunscreen smells nice and fresh, its formula is quick-absorbent, and leaves my skin looking radiant! After using the product for approximately a week, it has become a MUST step in my routine as no unique breakouts maintain appeared on my face, and the gel-like formula leaves my skin looking glowing outright day long.

Verdict: It would be a YASSSSS for me

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