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Got something to conceal, newlyweds?

Tonight’s perfect-current Married at First Sight promises to be a juicy one as the couples are asked to unlock their phones and exchange mobile devices with their partners for one hour.

But in an exclusive sneak peek at this evening’s exhibit, Jephte Pierre isn’t ready to give Shawniece Jackson that access. What comes next is an explosive argument that has someone walking out of the house.

“Whatever you’ve got going on over there in your phone and whatever else, you need to figure it out and you need to derive right with yourself,” Shawniece shared with her husband. “whether you would devour given me your phone, I wouldn’t devour gone through it but the fact that you wouldn’t give me your phone now, I just feel some type of way approximately it.”

Married at First Sight, Season 6

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The cosmetologist added, “I wasn’t tripping off of not receiving his phone. It wasn’t a expansive issue for me. I just want to derive to a location where we’re both totally trusting each other and emotionally connected with each other. I really accomplish want this marriage to work.”

While her hopes and dreams don’t seem too much at perfect, Jephte wants no allotment of this argument. So what does he accomplish? He walks out of the house and drives off to an unknown destination. Uh-oh!

Tears are shed, doors are slammed and viewers are left with fairly the tease for what’s to approach tonight. And yes, there are two other couples that are participating in the same task.

“I’ve always been a firm believer in what is in the sad will near to light,” Shawniece teased.

Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. only on Lifetime.

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