Was This Cam Girl’s Shark Attack Faked?

final week, the cam company Camsoda made international headlines with claims that one of its models had been bitten by a shark while filming. They even if a video of the alleged attack. Now, the head of a shark diving company reportedly says that the model in question contacted him months ago approximately faking an attack for viral fame.

The alleged incident in question took residence late final month. Darren Press, Camsoda’s vice president, told Vocativ that the company was testing out some current underwater livestreaming technology and decided to compose a stunt out of it. So they took a boat out off the coast of Florida, chummed the waters, achieve model Molly Cavalli in a shark cage with widely spaced bars, and filmed the whole thing. Then, he and Cavalii said, a shark managed to bite her ankle. The resulting video shows Cavalli grabbing her foot as blood — or a red substance — fills the water. Another shot shows what appears to be a wound on her ankle.

But, as Vocativ pointed out final week, the whole stunt seems suspect — namely because the alleged shark bite itself was not caught on film, despite there being multiple cameras present.

Well, Bryce Rohrer, owner of Florida Shark Diving, alleged in a news account that the model herself contacted him months ago asking approximately staging a fake shark attack. “We immediately declined,” he told the Palm Beach Post. “We are pro-shark, pro-wildlife, and want to elaborate the importance of sharks, not villainize them.” Rohrer even if a record of a text message that she allegedly sent to him. It features an image of what looks like a gash on a foot and the text, “Just wanted to elaborate you what the bite would spy like. It’s more of a small knick. We were doing this as I was speaking to you nowadays. I know that you are shark lovers and don’t want it to be a negative thing.”

The Palm Beach Post also interviewed shark experts who raised questions approximately the believability of the alleged incident and the supposed bite wound on Cavalli’s foot. Camsoda did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

At the same time, the Adult Performers Actors Guild, a union for adult performers, has near out with a strong statement against Camsoda — but not over allegations that the attack was faked. Instead, the union takes the incident at face value, calling it a “unsafe publicity stunt,” and says, “it appears that many filming violations may possess taken residence.” The statement continues, “the Guild has major concerns regarding potential health and safety laws, performer rights, and filming laws that may possess been violated.” The union will be investigating the incident and requesting permits for the shoot. “We would also like to compose it clear to perfect production companies that performer safety must be their first precedence,” said the statement. “While we accomplish not intend to censor their creative ideas, general laws for health safety of our performers must be followed.”

So, was the shark attack faked, or did Camsoda achieve a model in harm’s way? Either way, it doesn’t spy capable for the camming company.

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