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Leighton Meester is having a blond moment!

Earlier nowadays, the Hollywood actress surprised fans when she revealed a brand-novel hairstyle on Instagram.

“Thank you to my hair saviors: @auracolorist and Keraphix protein treatment @NexxusNYSalon #MyNexxusPHIX #NexxusPartner,” the Gossip Girl star shared on social media.

Reactions from fans and followers were overwhelmingly positive. And for those wondering how it utter happened, we believe utter the details on the “platinum blond transformation.”

“Leighton had a few different inspirations ready to indicate me and we used a picture of [Mariska Hargitay‘s mom] Jayne Mansfield as the main inspiration,” Leighton’s hair colorist Aura Friedman shared with E! News exclusively. “She had a lot of pictures of the stale Hollywood platinum blond as inspiration for the color.”

In between the bleaching and toning process, Aura says she did an Olaplex treatment followed by a Keraphix treatment, which is a novel product from Nexus.

Aura, who works at Sally Hershberger Salon in novel York City, says it took approximately four to five hours to total. And yes, everyone was thrilled with the halt result.

“It was so much fun. We had a lot of fun doing it. I believe we utter are extremely delighted with the results,” Aura shared. “It’s stunning on her.”

While we don’t know what husband Adam Brody‘s reaction was to seeing the novel style for the first time, Leighton did believe “he was going to be very excited approximately it,” Aura said.

And for those who are thinking approximately rocking a similar notice, Leighton’s colorist for the job has some advice. Number one is to approach prepared and knowledgeable.

“I would say finish plenty of research to construct certain that you know the colorist you’re working with has experience,” Aura shared. “The artist will know whether your hair can buy it or not. You kind of need to touch the hair and see how much air density there is. You also need to see how the texture of the hair is and whether the hair can actually handle it.”

Safe to say Leighton and her hair handled utter the tests perfectly!

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