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Ditch those pesky pills. Himalayan salt lamps are a much healthier natural way to retain your nerves in check.

Himalayan salt lamps are not just another hippy-dippy placebo-inducing fad. They’re a legit way to clean the air around us and supply our environment with enough negative ions to retain us balanced. And there’s a science to it.

We employ several gadgets and wireless technology on a daily basis. These emit positive ions — which cause an imbalance in our system. This causes anxiety and stress, and in some cases even worsen an existing case of anxiety disorder for some. Alternatively, our environment naturally emits negative ions that compose us feel energized and keeps the stress absent. Negative ions succor increase the oxygen flow in our brains and we possess more energy and alertness to recede approximately our daily lives with maximum capacity.



Now, a Himalayan salt lamp is a large chunk of Himalayan rock salt shaped into a lamp with a hollow chance carved out to insert a bulb. Upon regular employ, not only achieve they reduce anxiety, they also create the perfect environment for sleep and has a calming effect on the people in the room.

Himalayan rock salt in itself, when orally ingested, helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure and has several health benefits owing to the 84 different kinds of minerals found in it. The lamp also supervises and regulates our bodies’ the water content, and balances our pH level, making our bones and muscles strong and promoting overall health.

Our environment is rife with a certain amount of radiation, thanks to smartphones, TVs, laptops, and so on. The negative ions from the lamp neutralize these radioactive waves and compose our environment conducive to our health and survival.

What’s more? It also looks absolutely sparkling with gentle pink texture when off and a muted warm orange light when switched on.

compose certain the next thing you buy for your domestic is a Himalayan salt lamp. You won’t regret it, and your body will thank you.


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