Used Taxpayer Money

Not only was Vice President Pence’s walk out of the Colts game during the national anthem a staged fake, but he also used taxpayer money to pay for the White House created fake news.

The White House approved Pence’s flight to Indianapolis just to stage a phony walk out:

Journalists want to know how much taxpayer money Trump and Pence spent:

What is known is that Pence spent over $100,000 of taxpayer money by using Air Force 2 to travel to the game:

Of course, the flight was the tip of the iceberg. It is unknown how much taxpayer money was spent on security and other transportation. The cheap propaganda effort from Trump and Pence has cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it didn’t fool anyone. The ruse of the enraged Vice President leaving the football game because of the anthem protest lasted less than an hour.

Just in case anyone thinks that Pence is above colluding with Trump, the Colts game stunt is evidence that Vice President Pence is up to his eyeballs into this administration’s activities. If Trump goes down for anything, Mike Pence will certainly follow.

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