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When it comes to remembering Hollywood’s greatest admire stories, John Cena isn’t your proceed-to guy. 

The WWE star and actor chatted with E! News while promoting his newest flick, The Wall, where he opened up approximately his upcoming wedding to Nikki Bella. He revealed that preparations for the mountainous day are well underway, but not fairly full speed ahead just yet. 

“The wedding planning is not yet an avalanche, but there is a small snowball rolling downhill,” Cena shared. “We’re getting it going, I’m very excited.”

So with John seemingly at the helm of the longtime couple’s nuptials, we tested the groom-to-be on his celebrity wedding knowledge. 

The results? Let’s just say Nikki’s main man didn’t pass with flying colors, but we give him an A+ for effort. 

From George Clooneyand Amal Clooney‘s Italian ceremony to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s costly “I effect’s,” John did his best to dish on the dinky-known details from celebrity pairing’s most epic weddings. 

When asked whether or not a wedding day weather fiasco is an omen newlyweds hope for, he answered, “It’s gotta be rank luck…. It’s kindly luck?! Well, let it rain.”

Watch the video above to see E! News’ hilarious game with John.

The Wall hits theaters May 12.

Watch the season finale of Total Divas Wednesday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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