Trump's Weirdly Slurred Speech Causes #DentureDonald To Trend

Does President Donald Trump maintain something in common with George Washington besides a job title? 

The latest theory: Trump may wear dentures.

#DentureDonald trended on Twitter Thursday night after “Daily indicate” host Trevor Noah played a clip showing Trump slurring his words during a speech earlier in the day. 

He wasn’t the only one to notice:  

🔥🔥Sooo this is engrossing. Trump’s dentures are trying to escape his mouth as this speech is ending. Join the club dentures! Unbelievable.

— Melania’s Sausages (@KeepMyPowerOrg) December 6, 2017

I can’t stop laughing 😂 I thought he said United 🐍

— TERESA RICHARDSON (@TEETEE1266) December 7, 2017

“maintain you ever seen Trump eat an apple or a pear or fruits or vegetables of any kind?” Noah asked. “judge approximately it: Fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan… there’s no fragment of his body that’s real.”

A White House spokesperson dismissed the rumors. 

His throat was dry. There’s nothing to it,” Raj Shah told the Los Angeles Times.

Quartz pressed Shah on the issue.

“Report whatever you would like to report,” Shah said. “This isn’t news.”

However, the issue sparked much discussion on social media, particularly after “The Daily indicate” segment.

“There is no shame in having dentures,” Noah said. “But there is shame in Donald Trump having dentures, yeah, because he’s useless as hell!” 

Noah wondered how Trump would feel whether people began tweeting with the hashtag #DentureDonald. 

“Don’t accomplish it, guys,” Noah said, then slurred: “He’s very shenshitive.”

Shout out to the WH employee who watered down #DentureDonald‘s polident glue nowadays. 😂

Welcome to the resistance. ✊️

— Hillary Still BAE 💙 (@Hillary16IsBAE) December 7, 2017

#DentureDonald needs a molar investigation

— Mrs. Suzette Stank (@StankSuzette) December 7, 2017

Please stop disrespecting our president, accomplish not tweet insults like #DentureDonald. He may not like it. Don’t accomplish it! Don’t let it trend!

And accomplish NOT send him replies by linking his twitter handle, like this @realDonaldTrump 😁😁

— elidet (@elidet) December 7, 2017

.@realDonaldTrump what’s up with the slurred words nowadays? #DentureDonald

— Evan Susarret (@EvanSusarret) December 7, 2017

Cue the tweet tomorrow “Reports that I wear dentures are FAKE NEWS. 4 out of 5 dentists say I maintain the best teeth. The other one says he’s never seen considerable teeth like mine before.” #DentureDonald

— James McB (@bowz87) December 7, 2017

Psst, Donald, need some abet? #DentureDonald #DentureGate

— Nigel Saoirse Clay (@Cult_Of_Freedom) December 7, 2017

#DentureDonald can’t screen from the truth! Start the Molar investigation now!

— Daniel Radosh (@danielradosh) December 7, 2017

God bless the United Schudsch #DentureDonald

— ShanMat (@Shanmat) December 7, 2017

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