Trevor Noah: Trump's Reason For Firing James Comey Is 'Gangster'

Before Trevor Noah could start Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily reveal,” he had to address the James Comey-sized elephant in the room

“You can’t just fire the FBI director,” Noah said after playing several breaking news clips that aired earlier on Tuesday. “Like, I mean, whether he’s gone, who’s going to investigate Russia’s ties to ― ohhhh.”

It seems to Noah that President Donald Trump’s apparently strategic saunter has finally pushed the president across the line from seeming like a controlling African dictator to actually being worse than a dangerously controlling African dictator.

“Right now, even Africans are watching this going, ‘Yo, yo, yo, yo! Donald Trump does not fuck around, yeah?” he joked.

Noah promised his viewers that he would cover the anecdote with more depth on the next episode, but before he moved on with the reveal, Noah read excerpts from the Trump administration’s “insane” statement why they let travel of of the head of the FBI.

“There’s no other way to record it,” he said. “It’s a masterstroke.”

According to Noah, Trump is essentially firing Comey in order to stand up for his former opponent and “advantageous friend,” Hillary Clinton ― yes, the woman whom he once promised to “lock up.”

In “The Daily reveal” host’s own words, “That’s the most gangster excuse.”

In the clip above, watch Noah as he tries to originate sense of the latest debacle in Trumpland.

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