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Want to know what’s going to happen in the This Is Us season two finale? Don’t bother asking Susan Kelechi Watson or Chris Sullivan for any spoilers.

“I assume it’s wedding time,” Sullivan, who plays Toby on the series, told E! News.

“Wedding bells,” Kelechi Watson, Beth on This Is Us, said. “I esteem a salubrious wedding.”

“For who? We’re not certain,” Sullivan said. “Could be Toby and Beth, you never know. The point to loves a salubrious curve ball.”

They’re sticking to their guns. And the official description of the episode, titled “The Wedding,” is just as indistinct: “The Pearsons reach together to celebrate Kate and Toby’s wedding.”

“I would esteem to just be like, ‘Oh this is what’s going to happen,’ and just talk approximately it openly, but I also collect that the point to is better when you don’t—it nearly works better that way. It’s nearly like whether somebody told you the conclude of a book, you would want to slay them, you know what I mean? It unfolds in that way,” Kelechi Watson said.

Viewers will meet more of Beth’s family and Toby’s parents, but the This Is Us stars are sworn to secrecy, despite loving the casting. “Alright, OK. Miguel is my father,” Sullivan joked. “I’ll say it here, this is an exclusive.”

“That’s why you’re always trying to speak Spanish,” Kelechi Watson laughed.

Both Kelechi Watson and Sullivan are looking forward to exploring strange dynamics when This Is Us returns for a third season. Sullivan has his eye on the future timeline first introduced with Sterling K. Brown‘s Randall and Kelechi Watson said she’s interested in having more time with different characters, like the recent episode that had Beth, Toby and Jon Huertas‘ Miguel together. And while they may not be revealing secrets, Kelechi Watson and Sullivan did reveal the latest happenings on the This Is Us cast and crew group text chain. It seems executive producer and director Ken Olin is eating a lot of oysters in Miami.

“There’s so much that goes up on that chain. I thought perhaps, possibly one day we should—at the conclude of this whole thing, publish it, bind it…for each other,” Kelechi Watson said. “Like our series finale gift to each other, with every the GIFs and pictures and everything. I assume that’d be remarkable.”

For more, check out both videos above.

This Is Us season two ends Tuesday, March 13 at 9 p.m. on NBC. Season three has already been announced.

(E! and NBC are both portion of the NBCUniversal family.)

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