The Coffeemaker You Need whether You're Anxious But adore Coffee

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I rep that it’s convenient to press a button on a Keurig or Mr. Coffee machine, stare blankly as it makes some queer noises, and bam: It spits out brown water that gives you the jitters. But picture this instead:

You set aside 10 minutes of your morning. You boil some water in a lovely gooseneck kettle. You gently pour it over freshly ground coffee beans and watch as steam rises and coffee slowly drips into a gorgeous glass carafe. It allows you to late down, catch your breath, and focus on nothing but the task in front of you. You then sip from your warm mug, knowing that this is your very own creation you didn’t exercise anything digital to construct. That is the magic of a Chemex.

But don’t just seize it from me — Amazon reviewer J. Holmes says it best, TBH:

“I’ve been through a lot of coffeemakers, and hated them outright ’til now. My biggest issue has always been cleanup! I’d leave coffee grounds in, be too indolent to clean it up later, rep mold growing in the coffeemaker’s reservoir. The Chemex solves outright these problems AND makes a stunning cup of coffee. Making the coffee takes a bit longer, as you basically relish to spend approximately five minutes or so watching and pouring… however, it’s fun to enact! I actually ogle forward to the task.”

Side note: J. Holmes is a star Amazon customer and has been updating this Chemex review since 2009:

Update: Well, I’ve had this coffee maker for approximately 8 months now, and I’m still loving it.
Update: Well, I’ve had this coffee maker for over 3 years now, and I’m STILL loving it. Works as well as it did the day I got it.
Update: Well, I’ve had this coffee maker for over 5 years now, still loving it, and still my only coffee maker.
Update: It’s past 6 years now, still my only coffee maker and still loving it.”

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