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Where does Megan Morrison disappear from here?

In an exclusive interview with E! News, The Arrangement star Christine Evangelista is dropping hints approximately what’s ahead for her character in season two following Sunday night’s jaw-dropping finale.

After being betrayed by fiancé Kyle West (Josh Henderson), kidnapped and forced to undergo therapy at the Institute for the Higher intellect’s transformation facility, Megan returned to her “daily” life seemingly reformed, but secretly ready to acquire the final revenge. But what will that glimpse like precisely?

“I’m very excited to see Megan kind of lift control and reach into her own,” Christine tells us. “She’s dealt with the forgiveness, the burden that she’s carried whole along and the pain that she’s carried whole along. Now that she’s able to sort of hump on from it in some way and acknowledge what happened and just be honest approximately it to everyone around her, I judge there’s a lot of strength to be gained from that.”

She continues, “I judge Megan is in a very powerful position right now. She has a tremendous amount of strength, so I’m very excited to employ that power in season two.”

That could definitely mean exertion for her relationship with Kyle, particularly after he allowed Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan) to lock her up for treatment. But despite his act of disloyalty, Christine doesn’t believe it’s the pause of Megan and Kyle’s worship chronicle.

“She is pissed,” Christine says. “She’s been burned and she’s panicked and I judge she’s in the position now where she could either lift Kyle along with her or lift them whole down. I know that she genuinely loves Kyle and she cares for him and there’s fragment of me that really wants her to lift him with her, acquire out and remove themselves from the situation, from the Institute and from Terence.”

However, creator Jonathan Abrahams will ultimately be the one who decides how the chronicle will play out going forward.

“Jonathan and I did bear some conversations approximately it early on as to where we wanted it to vanish and what Megan is going to be like next season and how she’s going to lift everything’s she’s learned and apply it,” Christine explains. “We just started the writers’ room a couple weeks ago, but your guess is as excellent as mine. I just know it’s going to be pretty explosive.”

And that’s whole we need to know!

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