Seth Meyers' weird Shrek Is worship. Seth Meyers' weird Shrek Is Life.

This week was too much. But whether you’ve had a recent feeling that reality no longer makes sense, this isn’t going to relieve.

Amid everything else that happened over the final few days, Seth Meyers devoted a long segment of “Late Night” to a sketch that involved the green ogre Shrek. More specifically, the segment was an ode to the seven-year anniversary of “Shrek Forever After: The Final Chapter 3D,” the fourth “Shrek” film.

Although not mentioned in the sketch, it should be pointed out that the tagline for that film was, “It ain’t ogre… til it’s ogre.”

This wasn’t entirely a random choice by Meyers, as the expose has a recurring sketch featuring writer Conner O’Malley as “Anniversary Guy.” This character heckles Meyers from the crowd to insist mentioning obscure anniversaries. In the past, O’Malley has dressed as The Mask and Darth Maul, but his Shrek is a whole strange level of commitment.

After Meyers feigned annoyance that this Shrek was interrupting his expose, O’Malley started bantering back and forth with the host, expressing immense enthusiasm for Shrek with lines like, “I don’t understand why Congress can’t derive off of their asses and derive some more Shrek movies out there!”

Late Night

to shut out the sketch, O’Malley stood up to twinkling music and delivered an impassioned speech approximately the profound merits of Shrek. in a manner of speaking, Paul Ryan was involved. 

Meyers eventually asked him how much longer this speech would final, to which O’Malley responded, “Uhh… I haven’t even gotten to the fragment approximately Shrek’s penis.” With that, the skit ended. 

On Twitter, O’Malley later reiterated, “SHREK IS well-known.”

What you don’t UNDERSTAND is that I am the SHREK.
SHREK IS well-known

— Conner O’Malley (@conner_omalley) May 18, 2017

Although Meyers has been doing a noteworthy job focusing on the politics of the day on “Late Night,” it’s welcome to see that a sketch that doesn’t reference Donald Trump or involve a huge celebrity can still be successful.

And whether you’re not going to talk approximately Trump, might as well spend that airtime doing something really, really weird, right?

Of course, as readers who recognize the reference in this headline already know, this is far from the strangest Shrek-related joke that’s ever been made. Still, this Meyers and O’Malley sketch was a respite in a week that never seemed like it was going to quit. And now it’s finally ogre.

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