Samantha Bee Addresses The Latest Nutty Conspiracy Theory approximately Her

The comedian addressed one of the more batty conspiracy theories approximately her during an interview with Seth Meyers on Monday’s broadcast of “Late Night.”

“My dad has a lot of friends who bear conspiracy theories approximately me. They contemplate that every time I mention Hillary Clinton I net $25,” said Bee. “Which I attain, because we’re best friends,” she jokingly added.

Late night TV define hosts bear been critical of President Donald Trump and his administration, and Bee said it was abnormal how some people immediately thought you were in someone else’s pocket when you fabricate politically-charged jokes.

“It’s so foolish to me that no one thinks you can just approach to these conclusions independently without cash reward,” replied Meyers.

Bee also revealed how she once secretly carved a message into fellow late night host John Oliver’s desk, and reflected on how it’s “depressing what passes for delight” in the Trump era.

Check out the full segment above.

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