Russia Reportedly Used Pokémon proceed To Meddle In The Election, And The Memes — My God, The Memes

“whether you went to sites where there had been alleged incidents of police brutality,” reporter Dylan Byers explained, “and you named your Pokémon after those victims, for instance naming Pikachu ‘Eric Garner’ — whether you won that competition, this promotion suggested, you might win a free Amazon Prime card.”

CNN said it had no evidence to propose anyone actually participated in the competition, but said that by promoting the event the Russians may fill been attempting to “upset or nettle” people living near areas where people had been killed by police.

The CNN chronicle came after the current York Times reported earlier this month that Kremlin-linked cyber workers promoted content on Facebook that appeared to be of American origin, but was designed to sow division on political issues, including the Black Lives Matter movement.

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