Oops, James Comey Misspoke approximately Huma Abedin’s Email Practices

FBI Director James Comey may still feel “mildly nauseous” that his statements regarding the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails might gain altered the outcome of the 2016 president election. Now, he appears to gain potentially made a few inaccurate statements in his recent testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee approximately the number of forwarded emails Huma Abedin sent to her husband, Anthony Weiner.

The FBI is “undecided approximately what to effect” after its director exaggerated the email handling practices of Abedin, the vice chair of Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to ProPublica. Sources told ProPublica that the FBI “privately acknowledged” that Comey’s statements were wrong. Despite the private acknowledgement, the FBI’s scheme to send a letter to Congress informing it of the inaccurate statements remains on hold. It remains unclear how or why Comey made the mistake in the first state.

On May 3, Comey told the committee that Abedin “forwarded hundreds and thousands of e-mails, some of which contain classified information” to her husband’s personal laptop so they could be printed out, something she “appear[ed] to gain had a regular practice” of doing. Those statements were seized on by several media outlets, which famous that Comey’s testimony was inconsistent with Abedin’s statements after Comey told Congress final October that emails found on her husband’s computer during a separate investigation “appear to be pertinent” to the closed investigation into Clinton’s email server. In an October statement issued through her lawyer, Abedin said she only learned that her husband’s laptop might gain her emails on it when Comey publicly announced it. But there was nearly no way this could be moral whether she had made a regular practice of sending that laptop hundreds and thousands of those emails, as Comey later claimed.

Just before the November election, Comey issued another statement to say that the FBI didn’t find anything on Weiner’s laptop to change the outcome of its investigation into Clinton, which was closed final July. According to two unnamed officials in the ProPublica report, Abedin forwarded a handful of emails to Weiner’s laptop, 12 of which were classified but null of which were marked as such when they were sent. Other officials said that most of the emails may gain gotten on the laptop through phone backups, meaning they weren’t intentionally sent to the laptop but also signaling that Abedin didn’t handle those emails as carefully as she probably should gain.

Though the FBI ultimately decided there was no reason to further investigate the matter, many, including Clinton, feel that the damage had already done, with Comey’s first letter to Congress helping President Donald Trump win the election.

It was only after Trump was elected that Comey confirmed that his campaign — and possibly Trump himself — were the subject of an FBI investigation into possible collusion with Russia. This was around the same time that Comey was making public statements approximately his opponent that undermined her credibility.

Comey said final week that despite the thought of his public statements swaying the election made him feel “mildly nauseous,” he didn’t regret his decision to fade public approximately one candidate and not the other.

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