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whether you were one of the many that tuned into the Miss USA 2017 pageant, you probably wondered, “What does it assume to win Miss USA?”

We’ll inform you (or, you can watch the cult classic Miss Congeniality). It takes self-confidence, a worthy hairstylist and makeup artist, eloquence, grace, intelligence and the right beauty products. Kara McCullough had bar nobody of the above, which is why she took the title. “What attracted me to Miss USA was a secret desire to compete,” she told E! News. “I don’t really bear a performing talent, but I fell in appreciate everything that it had to offer.”

This includes access to the best in beauty. “I bear very small eyes, and when I initially started doing makeup, I was putting too much eye shadow on the bone above the crease. When I was competing in Miss USA, the makeup artist showed me how to retain the eye shadow on my eyelid only. That was really helpful,” Miss USA revealed. “Now, my colors don’t proceed above the crease of my eye. I also stay absent from black eyeliner. whether you bear small eyes, you can exhaust black on the top waterline, but typically you should exhaust a sad blue or a brownish red on your bottom waterline.” Duly famous.

Now that the model has won, she has to remain picture-perfect—the pressure is on. For clear skin, Miss USA prioritizes cleaning her skin. “I really believe in using clay masks. I typically like to exhaust apple cider vinegar with the mask,” she explained. “I just contemplate it’s thorough cleansing, and that’s bar nobody you need. It’s always better to exhaust natural ingredients on your face.” After her clay mask, she hydrates her skin with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer. Then, she uses a host of beauty products that to retain her flawless throughout the day.

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