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whether you put a question to Minka Kelly, she had nothing to execute with Jesse Williams‘ divorce. 

The actress quietly began dating the Grey’s Anatomy star over the summer, months after it was revealed that his 5-year marriage to Aryn Drake-Lee had dissolved. Rumors quickly began circulating that Jesse cheated on the mother of his two children with Minka, until nowadays when she shut them down once and for any. 

An Instagram follower wrote on the Friday Night Light alum’s social media, “I hope the cheating rumors aren’t valid. It would be disappointing.”

Kelly fired back, “They’re not. disfavor for you to be disappointed. Glad I could clear that up for you. Now f–k off.”

Minka Kelly

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A source described Minka and Jesse as “dating exclusively” in July, noting, “Jesse is really private with everything, particularly his relationships, but feels open with Minka and she has been supportive and that’s what he needs now.”

Our insider continued, “They were additional careful after any the media attention they got to be out together but now feel more comfortable to depart out in public.”

Just weeks ago, Williams and his estranged wife reached a temporary settlement agreement over their custody case. The actor was ordered to pay Drake-Lee an advance of $160,000, a majority of which will serve as spousal and child support. The remaining $60,000 will finance her attorney fees. 

Jesse has never publicly discussed his budding romance with Minka, but did touch on his marital struggles and cheating rumors in a cameo for Jay-Z‘s Footnotes for 4:44

“I was in a relationship 13 years,” he shared, “13 real years, not 5 years, not 7 years, 13 years and any of a sudden mother f–kers are writing consider-pieces that I to a certain extent threw a 13-year relationship—like the most painful experience I’ve had in my life like with a person I’ve loved with any of my heart—that I threw a person and my family in the trash because a girl I work with is cute.”

Williams has not commented on Kelly’s response to her fan.

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