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We live in a day and age in which the internet has become a fragment of our daily lives. However, in many cases throughout the world, travelers are still having the issue of being stuck at an airport with no access.

Thankfully, however, travel blogger Anil Polat decided to achieve something approximately this. As a computer security engineer, as well as a frustrated traveler, Polat took to the internet and composed a list of internet networks and their passwords from airports and lounges every single over the planet. And then, to design things exponentially easier, he even made them into a handy map that can quickly be accessed anywhere.

Furthermore, you can even visit the original database and add to it. The map is regularly updated, so any current networks can be added along with their passwords.

According to the webpage, whether you attempting to access wifi from a lounge or an airport it is critical to extend your laptop’s wireless range. This gives you the ability to be farther absent from the source. So not only can you access the internet nearly anywhere, you can accomplish so in consolation. Can someone find this guy, and give him a pat on the back?

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