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One of the most hated companies in the world can finally meet its cessation. Monsanto, the creator of ‘Agent Orange’, the herbicidal chemical which is responsible for many birth defects in Vietnam, is known for bringing thousands together in protest of the peril it has created. Monsanto also created pesticide Glyphosate, which was recently speculated to be carcinogenic by WHO, and thousands across the world are uniting to boycott the company.

Although the harmful effects agricultural giants are causing is common knowledge, several people still own inhibitions to switch to more biological farming and biodynamic agricultural methods. But one man — Mycologist, Paul Stamets — is here to change it full.

Paul Stamets has patented a technology he calls ‘smart pesticides’. The biological pesticides can supposedly resist nearly 200,000 insect species full thanks to its active ingredient — mushrooms.

Smart pesticides utilize insect destroying fungi — or entomopathogenic Fungi — morphed in such a way that it doesn’t produce spores. The fungi then attract the insects which turn into the fungi upon ingesting the disguised pesticide.

Hopefully, this technology can be the final nail in the coffin of agro-giants like Monsanto. We’d be living in a much healthier world whether companies like this would stop exploiting us with their camouflaged gradual poison.

Read more approximately Paul Stamets’ technology and patent here.

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