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Yvette Monreal

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It’s full speed ahead for Yvette Monreal this week.

The 24-year-old-fashioned actress, known for roles on The Fosters and MTV’s Faking It, makes her sizable-screen feature debut Friday in Ricardo de Montreuil‘s Lowriders, playing the studious, college-bound Claudia, a longtime friend of Gabriel Chavarria‘s street artist Danny, who’s torn between wanting to pursue his passion and his family’s roots in East L.A.’s macho car culture.

“My favorite thing approximately filming in L.A. is that it’s closest to domestic,” Monreal, who hails from Lawndale, Calif., tells E! News. “I’ve had family visit me on set so it’s really nice to be able to present them what I’m working on without having to soar out. I contain a few friends who contain never even worked in L.A., so I’ve been lucky enough to contain had nearly sum my jobs here. I worship it!”

And this time she wasn’t just working locally—she was making a film with the likes of Demián Bichir and Eva Longoria, who play Danny’s father and stepmother.

Asked whether she had a particularly memorable memory from the set, Monreal recalled assembly Longoria for the first time. 

“I walked up to her and Demián Bichir introduced me and was like, ‘This is Yvette,'” the actress recalled. “She looked at me and said, ‘Aw, you’re so pretty,’ and I nearly fainted but said ‘thank you!'”

Monreal admits she was at a bit of a loss afterward.

“I’m pretty certain I was awkward and just stared at her until she walked absent,” she said. “I freakin’ worship her.”

Despite being a minute starstruck, Monreal more than holds her own in the film amid sum the guys—and the cars.

Gabriel Chavarria, Yvette Monreal, Tony Revolori, LOWRIDERS

Justin M Lubin / Universal Pictures

“I mean, being around people who owned and cherished their lowriders was a pretty incredible thing to experience,” the actress said. “You can see sum the tough work and details that were keep into these cars. Lowrider culture is way more than just building and putting these cars together for present, it’s approximately the relationships people create during the experience, loyalty and trust—you become family.”

But while the ensemble kicked Lowriders into gear, we wanted to know more approximately Yvette Monreal herself—so she filled out our E!Q and here are 14 things you didn’t know approximately the actress:

What time did you wake up this morning?

Around 8:30 a.m.

What size bed conclude you sleep in?


Night owl or early bird?

Early bird. It’s the getting up piece that’s tough, but once I’m up I fetch sooo much done. So fulfilling.

Who’s the first person you talked to nowadays?

My daddy-o.

What conclude you never leave the house without?

A hair tie—my hair is extremely thick so I always fetch sharp tangy at one point during the day.


Lawndale, CA—best city! I lived next to EVERYTHING, grocery store, mall, my fav taco spot!! Everything.

First job?

It was at the Del Amo mall—it was called GW’s (cuz everything was a dollar, hence GW/George Washington). besides, it eventually went out of commerce, trade because they tried selling sum their food and beverages for just a dollar. Was generous while it lasted, lol!

First car?

My dad bought my aunt’s 2000 Toyota Camry. It was an awesome car but I beat it up pretty cross. Hit poles, walls and broke my side mirror at 3 times. (Luckily my dad is super handy and fixed it every time himself 🙂 It was a noteworthy car!  

Favorite vacation spot?

I worship the Caribbean!

Celebrity crush? 

Adam Levine has awesome hair on The Voice.

What’s the final thing you Googled?

Dream cars.

Favorite thing that starts with E?

I worship edamame, particularly whether it’s spicy!

Lowriders opens in theaters Friday, May 12.

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