London– and Palmer injury– aftermath

London– and Palmer injury– after-effects Posted by Darren Urban on October 22, 2017– 4:11 pm The story ended up being so much more than simply a week in London and what that implied for the Cardinals and why they played badly in Sunday night’s across-the-pond loss to the Rams. Now it’s about the quarterback positon, the loss of Carson Palmer to a damaged arm, and what that indicates for the future– on a few levels.For Palmer,

a player who no one was really sure the number of seasons he still wished to play, it leaves big concerns. If he’s out 8 weeks like Bruce Arians said, that’s basically the rest of the season. Does he remain on the active lineup for that possibility? A trip to IR is at minimum eight weeks. Possibly that’s exactly what Arians was talking about, however bringing Palmer back would indicate the end of bringing both T.J. Logan and David Johnson back, because you can only bring 2 gamers total back from injured reserve.For Palmer, does he attempt to come back for 2018 for sure, so this isn’t the way it might end? There is a lot that is possibly in flux for the Cardinals this offseason, especially provided the age of many on the roster, that I question it’s a question that can be answered anytime soon.As for the QBs that remain, Bruce Arians was adamant Drew Stanton would be his starter the rest of the season. Stanton is the backup and Blaine Gabbert the third-stringer for a factor, Arians stated. And possibly the Cards have seen all the have to in order to examine what Gabbert can do for them. However I had thought Gabbert may get a chance if the season got away in the won-loss column. Perhaps not.The Cardinals are going into a bye week. There is time

to arrange it out, however certainly, Sunday could not have gone any even worse.– Stanton’s very first start of the season is going to be in San Francisco.

That’s where he had his lone start of 2016, when he tossed a set of TD passes to beat the Niners as Palmer missed his only video game of last season due to the fact that of a concussion.– The Phil Dawson 32-yard basket miss out on was his fourth of the season, more than he had all of in 2015. The footing was not great at Twickenham and the snap was low, but holder Andy Lee appeared like he did a good job getting it in place. It was likewise rougher when Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein transformed all 4 of his field-goal attempts.Arians stated Dawson is”our guy”and all he can do is tell him to make the next one. It’s tough to believe Dawson has had a hard time so much due to the fact that it goes versus everything he has been up till this season.– Todd Gurley 106 hurrying lawns, Adrian Peterson 11. Boiling the video game down truly far, that’s it right there.– I don’t understand what would’ve taken place if

Palmer had not been struck on his interception. He does not break his arm. He probably doesn’t throw a pick. And the video game was

only 6-0 at that point. It just got awful after Palmer left.– Larry Fitzgerald is typically peaceful after bad losses, but he appeared especially so after this one. Bad loss, loss of QB, that can take place. He’s another guy for whom retirement

talk sticks around. Now what does he have coming the rest of the year?” We’re positive Drew can lead us and do the very same things that we had the ability to perform in terms of play calling that Carson had the ability to do,” Fitzgerald said.– So the London week is over. No one truly understands what it implied. The Cardinals lost huge and did it have anything to do with being abroad for a week? It’s challenging to imagine the Cards doing any much better in Los Angeles if Palmer is getting hurt and the exceptional Rams defensive front is plugging any potential Adrian Peterson holes.In any case, the bye week is here. Prior to that a long, long airplane flight, where the Cards will have time to ponder what went sideways in England and how precisely they can attempt and make things better the 2nd half of the season– if they are able. Published”in Blog |

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