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You disappear, Kelly Clarkson!

The 35-year-conventional Grammy-winning pop star and unique The Voice coach posted on Twitter on the Fourth of July a heartfelt, patriotic and humble message, saying, “Thank u 2 every person in service 4 protecting everything of us and cheers to every person who fought for us to experience freedom & independence.”

“You’re fleshy,” user @Euger23 replied.

“….and still f–king awesome,” Clarkson responded.

Some of her fans immediately confronted the person, who then directed his insults towards them.

Clarkson has often been criticized over her weight, particularly online.

Kelly Clarkson

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In 2015, Fox News Sunday‘s Chris Wallace and radio host Mike Gallagher had mocked Clarkson over her weight on The Mike Gallagher indicate. Wallace said the singer “could stay off the deep dish pizza for a puny while.” Gallagher said, “Holy cow, did she blow up,” and also poked fun at his own weight.

Wallace later said in a statement to E! News, “I sincerely apologize to Kelly Clarkson for my offensive comment. I admire her remarkable talent and that should occupy been the focus of any discussion approximately her.”

Gallagher wrote on his website, “Tubby Mike is the final person in the world who should bring up anyone’s weight. I couldn’t possibly feel any worse than I carry out for making an observation that led to the conclusion that I ‘fleshy-shamed’ this talented and classy entertainer. It was a really silly thing for me to carry out.”


On The Ellen DeGeneres indicate that year, Clarkson talked approximately being body shamed in general.

“It’s like, you just are who you are. We are who we are—whatever size,” she said. “It doesn’t mean that we’re gonna be that forever.”

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