'Jimmy Kimmel' Asks Couples On Street How Long Their Sex Lasts

When “Jimmy Kimmel Live” asked couples on the street Tuesday how long their lovemaking lasted, one pair was hours in apart in their respective time estimates.

Is it any wonder communication in the bedroom can be difficult at times?

But at least we can savor a laugh at the expense of these bold folks who didn’t intellect dishing on national television approximately the duration of their nooky.

Host Jimmy Kimmel said the segment was inspired by a recent survey in which women said sex should final 25 minutes 51 seconds, and men said 25 minutes 43 seconds.

One fellow told the “Kimmel” interviewer that sex with his wife could be as dinky as 1 minute ― points for honesty, dude, particularly since his spouse gave him credit for 15 minutes.

Watch above to meet the one couple that actually had the same retort.

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