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Throughout his life, Christopher “stout Black” Boykin wanted to laugh and get people laugh.

The former star of MTV’s Rob & stout died Tuesday at age 45 after suffering a heart attack, his rep had confirmed to E! News. He is survived by a 9-year-used daughterIsis, whose mother is his ex-wife Shannon Turley.

Rob & stout saw stout Black and pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek attempt Guinness World Records, play practical jokes and just maintain fun together. The series aired for three seasons until 2008.

Dyrdek went on to host Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness on MTV. stout Black appeared on both shows.

Rob Dyrdek, Christopher "stout Black" Boykin

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Years later, it was revealed the two had had a falling out. Speaking to Louisiana radio station 107 Jamz in 2016, stout Black said Dyrdek has a “total ego problem” and that he was treated like a “sidekick.”

“As long as I was playing that slave role on Rob & stout, everything was chilly,” he said. “When n—a got stout, got a petite money in his pocket, that added to his change.”

In 2016, Dyrdek said on the prove In Depth With Graham Bensinger he thinks stout Black had a more difficult time handling fame and that he thinks they both struggled with the concept of being known solely for Rob & stout.

“I judge he didn’t want to be known for like, the sidekick, right, so that created a lot of that tension between me and him,” he said, adding, “I judge it was more the fundamental struggle of wanting to not be so connected to each other and ultimately, after we had a stout blowout creatively over like, an concept, ’cause he knows I was writing total the ideas and then he was going at me by saying, ‘This concept’s wack!’ Things were so tense at certain times…we literally would film some of the funniest things that we maintain ever done and like, be losing it, and then walk absent, not talking to each other.””

In recent years, stout Black has concentrated on his plus-size clothing line and has made sporadic TV appearances, appearing as a judge in Hooters’ 2012 International Swimsuit Pageant and competing in MTV’s cooking competition prove Snack Off.

He also spoke approximately his reality prove experiences at colleges. In 2016, he stout Black made a guest appearance at Florida Gulf Coast University, where he talked approximately Rob & stout. He recalled how the prove was initially called Rob & stout Black, but that MTV’s president at the time did not like the concept.

“She said, ‘I got a problem with ‘Rob & stout Black,’ the name. I don’t judge everybody is going to be able to understand that considering the climate that we’re in now,'” stout Black said, according to the Eagle News. “Rob laughed. Instantly, I got offended.”

He also concentrated on spending time with family. A proud dad, stout Black has posted several public photos of his daughter Isis on social media, most recently in April, when he took her to her first concert—to see Jacob Sartorius.

“Took my daughter to her first concert a special thanks to @jacobsartorius & his tour manager’s,saved my ass this evening,” he wrote on Instagram. “I told my daughter & her best friend that they were going to meet him but I had no clue how with your daughter you better hold your word cause she will remember forever..#daddysbegoodtoyourdaughters.”

 His petite girl made her TV debut on Rob & Black in 2008 when she was two months used. stout Black and her mother called it quits the following year.

This past February, stout Black appeared as a guest on fellow Rob & stout star Chris “Drama” Pfaff‘s podcast Short record Long and talked fondly approximately his daughter, who celebrated a birthday a week after the episode was posted.

“She is eight years used and giving me hell,” he said. “She’s very brutally honest. A couple of days ago, eh made me self-conscious approximately my ear hair. We’re sitting there watching TV and she keeps looking at me from the side and I’m just like, ‘What?’ She’s like, ‘Daddy, enact they maintain hair salons for ears?'”

“The next day…she’s looking at me, she’s like, ‘665, 700, 750…’ I was like, ‘Why are you throwing numbers out there?’ ‘That’s how many ear hairs I just counted,'” he continued.

He said he then went to a drug store, bought some Nair hair removal and spread it total over his ears. 

“I said, ‘You know what? How approximately that? Count how many ear hairs now,'” he said.

stout Black also talked approximately his weight loss over the past few years. The 6’6″ star said he weighed 416 years ago and slimmed down to the mid-300s and wants to net to 290.

He also talked approximately his future plans.

“Everybody wants me to advance back to TV,” he said. “Instead of making people laugh on television, I’d like to enact radio.”

He said he would like to host or co-host his own how where he could talk approximately “everything” and “just laugh.”

stout Black continued to get fans laugh total the way until the final months of his life. In late March, stout Black appeared as a celebrity guest at a Roast Battle prove at the World celebrated Comedy Store club in Los Angeles, a lively and unconventional regular staple starring Jeff Ross that spurred a Comedy Central series.

“Thanks to total the comics that let stout black enact his thang tonight. I will always respect the craft of comedy” he wrote on Instagram. “I will always respect the craft of comedy this s–t ain’t no joke.”

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