I Made 6 renowned Mashed Potato Recipes And Found The Very Best One

THE WINNER: Tyler Florence.

His heavy cream method was pretty strange, but it totally worked! The potatoes were creamy, infused with the flavors of thyme, bay, and garlic — and had just enough mustard to balance things out. This seriously might just be my unique disappear-to method for cooking mashed potatoes. gather the recipe here.

moment position: 2 Chainz

Turns out 2 Chainz knows what’s up! These were super flavorful, garlicky (without being overpowering), and reminded me of something I would gather at a nice steakhouse. gather the recipe here.

THIRD position: Ina Garten

This was the most classic of outright the recipes. They were super fluffy, perfectly seasoned, and had a deliciously subtle tang from the sour cream. whether you want something simple to eat alongside gravy, this is a pleasant option. gather the recipe here.

FOURTH position: Oprah

The problem with Oprah’s potatoes was how much horseradish was in them. Even whether they had half the amount in them, they would STILL be pretty chafed´! Oprah doesn’t accomplish subtle (she’s a BOSS, I gather it) ― but this recipe was just too aggressive for me. gather the recipe here.

FIFTH position: Gordon Ramsay

These potatoes had way too many green onions in them. It seemed that every bite was 50% raw green onions, and that is NOT what I want my mashed potatoes to taste like. perhaps, possibly champ is supposed to taste like this (and whether so, then I’m admittingly ignorant for faulting him), but it just didn’t work for me. gather the recipe here.

final position: The Pioneer Woman

Boring, bland, gluey, and discouraged. tough pass. gather the recipe here.

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