How To Hold A Town corridor (A Quick Guide For Republicans)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes a town corridor as “an event at which a public official or political candidate addresses an audience by answering questions posed by individual members.”

Some even say that the first town corridor assembly can be traced back to 1633 when Kathleen Martell, town receptionist, held an event in Massachusetts.

And I thought I was getting faded! Lol. I detest everything.

Town corridor meetings are to a healthy democracy as being stressed out is to 2017. They’re critical. That’s because at the most basic level it’s fundamental for us, as constituents, to be able to voice opinions to the officials who are (supposed to be) representing us. You can turn Twitter off. You can designate your emails as read. You can contain interns acknowledge phones. But you can’t shroud from face-to-face interaction.

Looking for Carmen Sandiego and also some transparency

While transparency is always vital, it’s particularly essential during times when decisions will affect lives. fairly literally. But after the American Health Care Act a.k.a. the AHCA a.k.a. Trumpcare a.k.a. Wealthcare a.k.a. Shitcare a.k.a. Steve Bannon Personified as Legislation recently passed 217-213 in the House of Representatives, some Republicans who voted ‘yes’ on the bill are MIA in their very own communities. contain you heard?

But why the absence?

Is it because votes were made without a CBO score? Is it because the bill has been said to benefit the wealthy? Is it because there are worries surrounding the coverage for those with pre-existing conditions? Is it because they are just cowards? Is it because this is really a tax bill? Is it because they just found out approximately Netflix (lots of splendid shows this month)? Or is it for the magnitude of other valid reasons?

For the record, some contain shown up (splendid). And this is what has happened.

Regardless, representatives owe it to the communities who elected them to reveal up, hear questions, and engage in dialogue. This holds true for reps of every party, when there is a unsafe bill being proposed, and even when there is not.

How to hold a town corridor, whether you’ve forgotten

I’m not a politician, but I’ve watched Parks & Rec and I also went to middle school so I feel like it can’t be that tough to organize a town corridor event. particularly when you contain staff that work for you.

So, for every bit of of you officials out there who are confused on how to hold a town corridor and instead are staying domestic to watch Fox & Friends or trying to fire Stephen Colbert, listen up and then reveal up to a fucking town corridor event.

Here’s how you can enact it!

  1. Find a plot to hold the event. There are a lot of buildings. Like, so many buildings. Pick one!

  2. Set a time and date, or contain your intern figure it out. IDGAF. Every weekend high school kids pull off parties while their parents are out of town. You can enact this.

  3. enact you contain a budget? You might need a budget. Tip: you should provide refreshments for the people in your city you are approximately to abolish. Also, glean splendid A/V equipment. Nobody likes a faulty microphone.

  4. Set an agenda. You should probably carve out a large chunk of time for attendees to expect you questions. Because, again, you are ruining lives.

  5. Promote the event. consume social media. save up flyers. glean a tattoo of the date and time.

  6. glean volunteers. It may be tough because you probably aren’t very favorite right now.

  7. develop certain someone is taking notes. Writing down clear action items and next steps is key.

  8. Thank your informed citizens for actually caring approximately one another and the greater community, then apologize for being a scumbag and promise that you won’t let the AHCA pass in the Senate.

Also, here’s a collection of every representative who voted ‘yes’ and whether or not they are having town halls.

I compiled a list of the house members who voted YES on AHCA and whether or not they contain upcoming town halls:

— marisa kabas (@MarisaKabas) May 5, 2017

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