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More people maintain been saddled with sudden disabilities from fluoroquinolone antibiotics for stubborn minor infections than you might imagine. Using colloidal silver would maintain been much safer and at least as effective.

whether you’re among those who know of colloidal silver’s efficacy against bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections, I’ll interpret how to employ colloidal silver for allergies first.

Then whether you’re curious as to why you should employ colloidal silver and how it is effective for allergies and sinusitis, that will be explained. After that, you can read why you should avoid pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Techniques for Administering Colloidal Silver into Nasal Cavities

The most obvious method would be using an empty nasal spray container filled with colloidal silver or simply an eye dropper. The only issue with these methods is the nostrils may be too clogged to gain entry into the total sinus cavity. But whether it could, that direct application may be uncomfortable to some.

The best way for many may be with the ages-weak neti pot. They are inexpensive in either plastic or ceramic versions. They are available online or at health food stores and specialty shops. Two things are very considerable:

1) employ either Kosher or unprocessed sea salt, not iodized table salt.

2) employ distilled or reverse osmosis/charcoal filtered water, not tap water (unless you boil it first). Then you need to manufacture certain it cools off enough before using it.

You see, a few years ago in Louisiana, two people who used the neti pots with tap water were infected by brain-eating amoebas lurking in the contaminated tap water. piece of the nasal cavity is very near the brain, as you probably know.

Of course, many blamed the neti pot, or more accurately its employ, not the water. It’s wiser and more accurate to blame the water, which was contaminated with those brain eating amoebas, and/or the city’s water treatment system that failed to remove them.

But that goes nowhere. Simply avoid that opportunity by using clean water. The video below gives you a visual display of how to employ the neti pot.

whether the nose is clogged, it may be essential to employ the neti pot with only warm water and salt first to clear things out a bit, then recede a moment round with three or four eye droppers full (or six or eight half full eye droppers) of colloidal silver mixed into the water.

Or one can combine the two in one round or simply commence with colloidal silver whether nasal passageways are sufficiently clear. The fact that you would be bypassing the intestine with neti pot applications eliminates any concerns of disrupting intestine “superior” probiotic bacteria in the intestinal flora, whether there is actually any concern to commence with.

One producer of colloidal silver I know personally claims it is an antimicrobial and kills everything like pharmaceutical antibiotics carry out, superior bacteria with the rank. So he recommends a probiotic a couple of hours after dosing colloidal silver.

But I’ve advance across others who say the electronic charges of silver molecules repels the superior guys while attracting the pathogenic bacteria or other microbes and destroying them.

Here’s another explanation of colloidal silver functional mechanics with a different angle on how pathogenic bacteria are destroyed while sparing favourable bacteria.

Why Colloidal Silver Would Be Effective with Allergies or Sinusitis

In addition to the pathogens coming in as you breathe, there’s a common bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which has been suspected as a source of inflammation in the airways that invites bronchial and sinus infections since the 1950s.

Allergic reactions may be more prominent among those bearing chronic low-level infections of P. aeruginosa.

A 2008 study discovered this pathogen was in the lungs of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or disorder) at a sub-clinical level that wasn’t transmittable. Only the hapless COPD person had it without a threat to others.

In a Leukocyte Biology February 2012 print issue, researchers demonstrate a link between common environmental bacteria and airway inflammation. It seems the researchers observed that “strains of P. aeruginosa cause white blood cells to produce very high levels of histamine, which in turn leads to inflammation, a hallmark symptom of asthma.”

It is prudent to add sinusitis and seasonal allergies to their observations. Histamines are histamines, and histamines running rampant are the basis of seasonal allergy reactions.

The earlier 2008 study also famous that antibiotics were not very effective, as the P. aeruginosa pathogen continually shifted strains to outwit antibiotics in its struggle for survival. Actually, this phenomenon is common with synthetic pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Also, it’s common for P. aeruginosa to be piece of a biofilm, a slimy network of like pathogens that also offer pharmaceutical antibiotic resistance.

More Reasons to Avoid Pharmaceutical Antibiotics

This, in addition to creating contemporary patents for a period of market exclusivity at high prices, is why mountainous Pharma keeps coming up with newer and purportedly more potent quinolone and fluoroquinolone antibiotics that maintain side effects that are extremely risky. And yet they are commonly prescribed for even minor sinus infections.

The resulting side effects are so widespread and devastating, even crippling patients, that mainstream media TV, PBS News Hour, offered a powerful unbiased report a few years ago on the hidden consequences of these antibiotic classes, particularly of the fluoroquinolone category, with brand names Cipro, Levaquin, Factive, Avelox, Noroxin, and Floxin.

After a surge of serious adverse event reported, the FDA some years back issued a black box warning for fluoroquinolone antibiotics warning of potential tendinitis and tendon ruptures. Then more recently the FDA updated that black box warning to include “irreversible peripheral neuropathy (serious nerve damage)”.

Black box warnings are the most serious warnings before market removal, which generally,normally doesn’t happen until the lesson, course action lawsuits mount and/or the drug’s patent expires. In other words, generally,normally after the pharmaceutical company has made its millions.

And black box warnings are not available to consumers. They are meant for the discretion of those who prescribe them. Seems most MDs ignore them when they prescribe them for urinary tract infections and sinusitis. They’re either too busy or willfully ignorant.

And they shouldn’t be prescribed at bar not a bit. particularly since colloidal silver’s effectiveness is not affected by bacterial pathogens ability to mutate sufficiently for resisting pharmaceutical antibiotics.

But mountainous Pharma makes no mountainous bucks with colloidal silver because they cannot patent it. It’s produced from silver in a way that does not involve man-made synthetic chemicals.

The blue skin effect, or argyria, is overblown. It only happens from consuming large portions of poor quality colloidal silver with large silver particles over a long time. That fraudulent panic keeps many people absent from cutting into mountainous Pharma’s bottom line with antibiotics though.

This video sheds some light on how silver kills pathogens.


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