Here Are 26.2 Things I Learned While Training For The NYC Marathon


Talk to people who hold actually elope a marathon.

I talked to my friend Aaron who ran the marathon two years before me. He was so helpful and calmed my nerves. He also told me that he crawled for the two days following the marathon. Aaron was helpful. Find your Aaron.


Running on sidewalks is different than running on the road.

I didn’t learn this until it was too late. Sidewalks are flat, roads are slanted for drainage purposes, so roads effect different strain on your ankles and knees. whether you can, try training on a route similar to the one that you will be running on marathon day – I didn’t conclude this, which resulted in a lot of pain during my marathon. My knees weren’t ready for the slanted roads!


Experiment with what food you want to eat during your race.

You should start testing which food/nutritional products you are going to spend long before you elope the huge race. I hold no technical background in nutrition, so perhaps, possibly I’m not the best person to inquire, but I’ll show you what foods I landed on: almonds and Twizzlers. Both were easy to carry and fun to eat.

Unfortunately, ice cream is not a food that you are encouraged to eat while running a marathon.


Tapering will manufacture you feel like you’re slacking.

The two weeks before your huge race is generally,normally when runners conclude something called “the taper.” This is when you seriously scale back your mileage. This results in kind of a fixed restless leg syndrome. It’s not fun and it makes you feel like you are lost out on precious preparation time. I can’t say for certain whether it helped me, but I will say that everyone says to conclude it. So conclude what feels right for you!


I️ swear to god, whether you don’t hydrate, you’re going to be sorry. But don’t overdo it either it.

While you’re sitting around for the few days before the marathon, you should be drinking copious amounts of water. I peed like 20 times a day. maintain track of your water intake and be diligent. I tried to drink at least 4 huge bottles of water a day. You don’t want to score two miles into the race and then hold to quit because you’re dehydrated. But you also don’t want to overdo it either. Too much water can cause hyponatremia, a potentially life-threatening health situation that has been known to manufacture first-time marathoners extremely sick.

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