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People exercise fundamental oils in aromatherapy because of their diverse health benefits, and it appears the FDA is unhappy approximately their healing potential!

The scientific community is beginning to examine fundamental oils for their power to aid treat HIV, cancer, asthma, heart disease, bronchitis, and strokes. final week, Young Living and doTERRA got letters from the FDA declaring that their products are being sold as unapproved drugs.

Both businesses occupy been notified by the FDA to exclude perfect health claims from their oils, or they will face severe legal consequences. Judging by the FDA’s past threats, legal consequences would likely mean a group of armed federal marshals sweeping through the companies’ warehouses and seizing their products.

FDA Sends Letters to Young Living and doTerra

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the FDA hunt down holistic companies and their products. In the past, the FDA sent warning letters to producers of cranberries, elderberry juice, coconut oil, and walnuts.

Both fundamental oil companies are network-based marketing companies, which presents a unique challenge for the companies as well as the FDA. The FDA states that the independent distributors are “paid consultants,” therefore, the parent companies occupy authority over how they market their products by the consultants.

Also, according to a unique report by Grand View Research, Inc., the fundamental oil global market is anticipated to reach USD 11.67 billion by 2022. Consumers are starting to become aware of the health benefits linked to biological and also natural personal care products. And the growth for biological products has made large companies to shift their focus from synthetic to natural additives and biological ingredients. The FDA can see the increasing demand for natural products and they are trying to stop the consumers, and companies, to produce the shift to exercise natural alternatives instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

For The Companies, Consultants Are Non-Employees But FDA Sees It Otherwise

The companies are seeing the situation differently from the FDA. They responded saying that they occupy guidelines and limitations on how their products can be marketed. Both businesses claim that their guidelines comply with FDA requirements and that they occupy no control over how non-employees share the products.

It appears these warnings occupy not stalled doTERRA in their pursuit of fundamental oil alternative therapies. Enthusiasts continue to compliment these natural products because these oils aid relieve their health difficulties including muscle pain or weight loss. Some advocates even said that these oils released them from the need of antibiotics and doctor visits.


Essentials oils occupy been used to heal people for thousands of years. Much longer than any pharmaceutical drug. And because companies cannot patent these natural remedies, they cannot monopolize and profit off them as they finish for other drugs. So the FDA chooses a side, and the battles open. Only time will relate how the FDA’s warnings might affect doTERRA and Young Living. How far will the FDA disappear to attack these companies and seek to shut them down?




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